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RE: Countdown to Malta. T-10 days! Looking forward to exhibiting DigiByte and seeing more new faces at the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit. (Promo video)

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Stephen, can we save Steemit? I’m concerned with the price action lately.



can we save Steemit?

Steemit or #Steem?

As you may know, for the past +2 years I have been actively promoting #Steem as the preferred choice of Blockchain for Businesses, Companies, Entrepreneurs, Projects and DApps to build their Social Media Applications on.

In fact, I would say practically any business..!!

However, despite the countless times I have tried to get the message out about the importance of the Commercial Awareness in the #Steem Community, I feel like I am banging my head against a brick-wall.

Any problem can be fixed, but before a solution is found, the problem has to be first recognised, agreed and understood.

Once these x3 are on the table then a solution can be sought.

Personally, I think I know what is causing the slide in the markets perception of the value of #Steem is.

It's simply not being marketed, promoted or perceived as "sexy" enough.!!

My door is always open to anyone wishing to promote #Steem.



Yes, I meant steem. Personally I switched to steempeak a while ago. I do appreciate all your hard work in the promotion of steem. I do agree there is a marketing issue here. It feels like steem has no soul and also a leadership vacuum. It’s puzzling what’s happening. Sometimes I feel like powering down and leaving. Thanks again for everything you do!