Steemit Is Impacting lives Everywhere - let's promote the Gospel of Steemit

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The future is indeed bright with steemit and will continue to present to us an endless opportunities if we send the Gospel of steemit to individuals, businesses and organizations to come on board and invest.

Steemians will attest to the fact that steemit has indeed impacted lives. I'm one person that has really benefitted from this great platform. I joined steemit last year.

I must admit that it was my quest for financial freedom that made me fall in love with steemit. I saw not just few but many possibilities that I could tap and use to my advantage.

How to start blogging and how to build connections was a big challenge to me when I began. I was so glad to have found myself in the Ghanaian community(@steemitghana) who have remained very supportive to me here on steemit.

Together we have carried the Gospel of steemit to different places in Ghana and have brought on board investors, businessmen who have seen the need to invest in steem.

Promoting steemit at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology



Promoting Steemit At XPUB5



Promoting Steemit At Kumasi City Mall- Ghana




Promoting Steemit At The University For Development Studies



Image Credit:@tj4real

Through @accra, a sub community of @steemitghana which comprise of steemians in Greater Accra Region-Ghana) @yensesa , an exchanger that is engaged in exchanging steem and SBD to fiat currency for both Ghanaians and Nigerians has emerged.

Credit: @yensesa

yensesa is indeed helping to promote steem and making it easier for steemians to convert their steem or sbd to fiat currency without stress. kuddos to @black-man @richforever @ackza for this great initiative.

Through steemit we have embarked several visits to orphanage homes, to the less privileges and have touched their lives with the power of steem. We always leave smiles on faces on these folks who have been abandoned anytime we pay them a visit.

Steemitashanti Visit And Donation To Kumasi Children's Home




Foundations have been born through #steemitghana and have remained helpful to people living in deprived areas.

Bettervision Providing Free Eye Care To Those In Deprived Areas





Steemchurch Ghana Donation To Maabang School - Deprived School in Ashanti Region-Ghana)





It is said that if you want to go fast in life you should go alone but if you want to go far in life you must go with others. The Ghanaian community has come far and have promoted steemit massively and has supported many with the little we have received from the steemit platform.

We couldn't have done it alone if not for the support of generous steemians whom we will forever be grateful : @ackza, @bleepcoin @sirknight @starkerz @stephenkendal @nanzo-scoop @demotruk @futurethinker @dragonslayer109 @stellabelle @chris4210 @surfyogi @ak2020 just to mentioned but few.

We say thank you and God bless you all. Let's all reach out with the little we get here to transform lives.

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