The warriors of the love.

Greetings steemiants, Today I come to show you a drawing like the previous ones with a different meaning.

I present Jc and Effa .. 2 young people who met by chance in a forest.

Without having anywhere to go, Jc and effa kept looking for how to get out of the forest and began to walk, while they walked they knew each other and the bond between them was so pure that at nightfall in the forest, they had lain together to do the Love, and suddenly they are attacked by mountain trolls.

Without realizing the one of the other, they were great warriors of different camps, and they fight with the trolls and they come out victors. I have here a small description of what I see in this drawing. I hope you like it and thank you very much.

Part 1:
1 (2).jpg

Part 2:
2 (2).jpg

Part 3:
3 (2).jpg

Part 4:
4 (2).jpg

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