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Hello friends,this is a call by @oracle-D,to all steemians for us to help steem get listed on Netcoin.

Now Netcoin is a Canada based blockchain company in Canada that has helped many customers buy and sell Bitcoin.

This call is not just about the reward for the task but then to help steem attain global adoption because once it's able to be listed as the first coin there would be no charge for it to be listed on Netcoin and steem would spread across other countries.

So please guys let's do this,to get more information about this,you can check up @oracle-D's post HERE.

All you need to do in order to proceed is to click this LINK

Steem is already nominated,so you don't need to input anything for nomination,scroll down to the voting nominated coins.

On search box type steem or you scroll down and click the next page,you will see Steem just like in the screenshot below

Input your email address and click on vote.

After that,this is what you would see next

Click on send confirmation email,then you would see this

At this point you would have to check your mail for the confirmation message

then you click on the link and finally you would see this

That's all, seems long and boring??

Hahahahahaha it's actually easy, fast and simle.

Thanks for dropping,please drop any questions you may have about this.

Meanwhile am tagging @innocentshekinah,@shuta,@toyl55,@mhizsophie,@sistem,@udezee and everyone who hasn't participated to do the task,it's all for our own good.

Steem to the moon!!!
Win win for us !!

Thanks so much @oracle-D for this,am voting you as our witness right away.Best wishes!

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Thanks @cherylsonty for the mention,thanks to @oracle-D for the task, definitely it's all for our own good,I pray it helps the price of steem rise too,am voting really right away.

Hi @cherylsonty, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I noticed that @innocentshekina doesn't exist on Steem. Did you mean to write @innocentshekinah ?

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Thanks for drawing my attention to that,I have just edited it, it's @innocentshekinah,the H was missing thanks

I wrote about it yesterday! I hope steem price booms once listed.

Perfect,thanks for stopping by!

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Nice one... I already voted. I'm sure this will help boost the circulation and price of steem.

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