How to Manage Stress.

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I am writing this right now because I am super stressed out. I have missed out on my regular routine of working out everyday and some of my early morning rituals. I have been spending most of my time Dodging Events that I am meant to handle.
I feel like a heavy burden is on my head (Frontal part to be specific).
I have been super reactive of lately instead of been proactive.
I am stressed!

What is Stress?
Stress is our body's response to any kind of demand or threat. When we sense danger, over worked or overwhelmed with a Task ahead, the body's defense kicks into high gear of a rapid process knows as Flight or Fight mode. This can also be called 'Stress Response'

while stress is not diagnosed clinically, there are certain experiences that depicts "stress around the corner ".
This includes..
*Anxiety and Agitation
*inability for one to concentrate.
*feeling of a heavy burden on the forehead(this burden is often imaginary)
*Anxious and racing thoughts.
*Negligence of core duty

There are a whole lot of other symptoms of stress .

Stress can be caused by the following :

When you are overwhelmed with a task at hand or a future task.
Rigid thinking without flexibility.
unrealistic expectation
Negative Self talk
Been too busy without control
Relationship Problem.
The way we Perceive a future task.

Managing Stress:
There are different ways to manage stress but it is advisable to stick to few and be consistent with it. Remember, consistency is the key. if not, you are going to experience stress every day of your life, hence leading to a chronic level.

Working out for Atleast 30mins for about 3 to 5 times a week can keep you in check, giving you a clear memory of thoughts.

Also getting involve in Vigorous exercise can raise your heart rate and can also help you ease of stress.

<Set Aside Atleast 1 hour Everyday to do something you love
You can watch movie, take a walk to appreciate nature or meditate. A mindful Prayer can also help ease off stress.

Control your mind, when your thoughts gets racy
Successful people have control over their minds and emotion. More energy is lost when you brain is in action than when you just involved in a mere physical activity. This lost of energy causes much stress when not replenished.

Get a Good Sleep
There are a whole bunch of motivational videos that says successful people sleepless and wakes up early. Well its worthy to note that successful people gets sufficient sleep hence the reason for their productivity. 5 to 6 hours of sleep will do.

There you have it, some of few methods of managing stress and boosting your productivity.

You can share with us, your own method of managing stress, your method might save someone today .
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Another good way to manage stress is to ensure you eat a proper funny but useful.