New Steem Posts Curation Interface (wordpress plugin updates)

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I've been working on my wordpress steem plugin GK Steemit Info for a long time now (slowly .. but hey you're seeing the cool progress), and the plugin has been shaping up to provide more steem-based valuable information to any wordpress user.
Last round we presented a "widget/shortcode" (which you can also identify with as an interface) to allow the display of specific posts with a highlight on posts voted by specific accounts, if need be.
I decided to turn this concept completely into a curation screen that any community can even actually utilize for their curation activities, but also to host it somewhere publicly so that one or more of those communities can benefit from this service (as I did .. more information and links available below :) )
New Development Work
So what did we provide as new work under this development iteration?
With the focus on the curation screen, which already allowed you to filter posts by tag, by voters and skipping on posts voters, we made the following modifications:
Created new filtering criteria based on a secondary tag, which is an additional tag that helps display only posts which contain both the main tag and this additional second tag. This comes in handy to anyone who's on the lookout to see recent contributions under a specific utopian category, or even to be used in our own utopian moderation process.
Created new filtering limits on minimum count of words and count of pictures in a post, as beautifully suggested by my friend @futurethinker ! As I understood such criteria comes in handy when curating for curie, so I hope many curators can benefit from this!
As the interface is based on shortcode parameter values (i.e. how it is being set in the backend), I auto-populated the filtering options on the interface based on those values so that curators can already know what filtering criteria is in use at the moment, and adjust it accordingly.
Made some minor layout/stylesheet adjustments to improve the visual appearance of the plugin. Still lots of more work to be done on that end .. I know :)
Fixed the loader inconsistency in display due to subsequent loading iterations
Enabled search interruption when clicking on the filter button, as prior version wasn't able to cancel out and inconsistent results were being displayed.
Need help? Write a ticket on
Chat with us on Discord.
Supports @stephenkendal and @ambossador
Thanks @goodkarma

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