John McAfee hails Steem Community effort

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If you know me then you'll know that John McAfee, despite being a blabber mouth is actually one of my most favourite people on Earth. I follow his activities on Twitter and love to interact with him.

In this tweet he hailed the Steem community for our valiant efforts to stall the hostile takeover of the blockchain. That's a really big deal, considering his large following and popularity.

For those of you that don't know him, he's a Twitter influencer with over a million followers and has a lot of privy information about a bunch of stuff that I can only refer to as conspiratious.

This is huge for the blockchain and community, and I urge you to jump on Tweet and make some good noise for the Steem community.

I just got done with my exam and will resume making elaborate posts for my awesome readers. Steem on


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He may have celebrated his business success a little too much with hookers and blow but he does have a huge following. I think he is funny and he is a flag bearer for crypto for sure.

If any press is food press, then his press is great press as he is quite an influencer as you mentioned. The community being the headline in context of blockchain is exactly the news we need out there right now.

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I honestly love the guy. He's living the human dream, not just American but human. He's doing things that most people can "relate" to and he embodies the phrase "I don't give a fuck".

Endorsing Steem is exactly what we need. Check the tweet and you'll see how many people are asking questions.
The situation now needs to be managed.

Well I'd still like to see him eat his own dick like he promised us, so theres that too

Im still butthurt he didn't run for POTUS. I'd have sold my dick to see him win.

Keeps making promises he won't keep.

Soon steem will pump.

That will be really awesome though. It's been bullish so far, let's watch it

That will be really
Awesome though. It's been bullish
So far, let's watch it

                 - belemo

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

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I guess all publicity is good publicity.

Pretty much. It's a dope time to be on Steem

It's a good thing he didn't cut off his own dick for BTC not hitting his price projection because he'd barely have the balls to make a post supporting Steem.

Such a lovely and not very subtle guy 😄