Promoting steemit using football in Uganda Christian University

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Holle steemians

We had a great time promoting steem in Uganda Christian university using football a
week ago. It was really amazing promoting steemit in the Uganda Christian university old football pitch to the people watching football, to the all the football prayers and people is the bazaar.

We used public addressing system to inform the people passing by about the join steemit. And how we have managed to make a living out of steem.

We contributed to the tournament by giving drinking water to the players.

Even through not training our team was one of the best teams in the tournament.

Now a big percentage of Uganda Christian university know about steemit.

We have established our self in UCU. Most people at the university know about steemit except that some of the don't believe in it.
With time what we have planted in the university With become very powerful.

Photos below :-



Thanks for reading.
Batte Jackson Billy

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Good initiative it will reach the targeted population,which is the youth.

More grease to your elbow.

Hi Battebilly,

Thank you!