My Social Media Promoting the Steem Blockchain with Tim Cliff.

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I always love making people aware about the existence of steemit and the steem blockchain. Helping someone to get started on dapps always makes me happy because am sure if the persist they can make a living.

I feel happy whenever I tell someone about steemit because of what steem is doing for me. I don't care weather they join or not as long as I have told someone about it everyday. This is called this awareness. I started doing this as soon as I joined steemit a year ago. The more people see something the more they believe in it.

When you see something over and over and over again you start believing in it. That is the nature of people's minds. They must hare something more and more from different people before they start believing in it.

There are three types of people in this world. Those who believe in something first time. Those who believe after seeing some things for long periods of time. And those who will never believe. Every time you share some thing someone now will see it , someone will seeing it for the second time or more. This will develop confidence in the people who see what you share.

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I always share this opportunity in my country men because I believe steem is going to change Africa.

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Nice contribution and Steem On @battebilly!