THE MINNOW SCHOOL | How to grow your blog with the instrumentality of time

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Good morning guys, this is @baiti002 the founder of the offline minnow school where minnows are mentored and groomed. Today I will be talking about the time factor when it comes to building a successful blog.

Building a successful steemit blog is most time tasking and for most people, they can’t just keep up with it. We have a lot of quitting minnows because, there are no guarantees. And as we all know that;

paying a price is difficult is way too difficult when the value of the prize is unknown…

But trust me, no true believer or dreamer had a 100% knowledge of what was in for them when they decided to give it all it takes in time, no matter what. Steemit will be one of the most challenging tasks life can bring to you. Believe me, we do have a system where no one is in charge of anything except for what he is actually in charge of. We are a part of an ecosystem that is highly competitive and the implication of competition is that people tend to give up too easily if they can’t up. However, with what I have found out over the past few months that I’ve been around here, it’s not really as competitive as we all think. As a matter of fact;

there’s enough room up there if we all make it through…

It only takes time and commitment to not give up. Time will fix your biggest fear as long as you hold on. When I was facing my own discouragement on steemit, I had to do an assignment given to me by me. And what was that assignment?

I decided to go to the origin of the successful blogs I know on steemit…

Guess what? They all started out just like me. They also earned low and discouraging rewards on their posts.

understand that one common thing with blogging is that you’ll always get low visibility at the start.

Most of us fail to understand this particular point. We forget too often that superstars don’t become in one day. You’ll need time and commitment to build a reputation which will in turn build the trust of your fans. You ever heard about stuffs like auto-upvotes? That only exists based on trusts. But most of us desire too quickly and a cheap manner, what only time and commitment could buy us. And understand that;

time and commitment is never cheap…

Think about a seed, you plant it and you don’t see anything immediately. Sometimes for days, weeks or even months then all of a sudden, you see this little think pushing through the soil. Plants grow over times. And time alone is not enough the farmer needs to have such a level of commitment that, he wouldn’t give up just yet until he sees the fruits of his unending commitment. Steemit is like planting.

you get to give it your best, and the result may be slow, but definitely it would come…

Just give it time and always remain committed. Someone who I admire a lot once told me this.

steemit is work and you will never take out more than you have put in…

On steemit, luck is not really a word and those who consider it one always fall a victim of how scarce it could be when you need it the most

Thank you for reading my blog today. I appreciate the time and commitment you are putting in to learn from this blog. And the commitment you are putting to make sure you improve on your blog no matter what. I do and will always believe in you.

I am @bait002 and I am a lover of steemit.

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No successful blogger calls it easy. It is hardwork. It is just passion that keeps a blogger going.

Thanks for the encouragement. With time, all things will work out fine if we don't quit.

Time and commitment is never easy. Commitment especially, that one is hard. It takes the extra effort to keep up, but the reward is bliss

you need to build the trust of your followers.

Indeed that takes time and commitment but once you get started it becomes better from there

I guess one key is doing the right thing in the time you commit to it.