Think the London Cryptocurrency show is just another event?

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No, it's the biggest platform we've had to get some of the best projects on the blockchain in front of some serious investors

NB: All proceeds from this post are being used to fund the show.

In just over 3 weeks, we will be heading down to London for the Cryptocurrency Show. As you may know, we have full speaking slots, an amazing and huge stand with professional graphics, a couple of compere slots on the main auditorium stage, and the opportunity to set STEEM apart (quite rightly) from all the other blockchains.

And now we are confirming with members of some of the top projects on the platform that they can come and join us, and take part on the platform we've managed to create.

This is, to my knowledge, the first time that STEEM has been represented in such a huge way at a major cryptocurrency event (if that's not the case, please let me know). And it's been run by voluntaryists.

We have speakers coming from around the world to be part of this. We have videographers/AV engineers/developers and CEO's of some of the most widely known projects coming. As soon as we have confirmed them all, we will let you know who's coming, but I got to tell you, at the moment, we couldn't be happier (well, if we could get @ned or @andrachy that would be great)

Think about it from an investors point of view

Now if you were an investor, where would you want to put your money if you were interested in blockchain? In an ICO that has a huge chance of failing, and is going to do well lining the pockets of the developers, or into the worlds biggest blockchain, one of the fastest, that offers absolutely free transactions in 3 seconds, and which rewards you for being active?

And we want to encourage them to invest in some of these amazing projects, including @steem-ambassador, so that we can help them grow their investment which simultaneously doing some phenomenal work rewarding promoters, educators and humanitarians throughout the world.

If you can't come, but want to help, the very best thing you can do right now is to resteem this post. Let's see if we can't get some support from Whales. Because ultimately as new money comes into the platform (and that's kind of the goal really), it means that the price of STEEM rises. Which is great for us all...and particularly good for those with big wallets.

The more we raise now the more we can do.

Let me just give you a small overview of what it costs to exhibit at the show.

  • An exhibition stand the size of ours costs £10,000 (about $13500)
  • To dress the stand, transport the panels and put them up costs around another £1200
  • This is all before we get into giving out Flyers, business cards, t-shirts, mugs, cups, pens, as well as hotel costs for the team, transport to the venue and so on.

The total is around $15,000. No small amount!!!

We want you to understand that we have received no money from anywhere else to do this. We are funding the whole thing through our personal blogs. And any investment we bring in is going into @steem-ambassador, so that we can support the #promo-community. Obviously, the other projects will be looking to bring their own investment in too, and we really hope they do. In fact, it's something we massively encourage.

How you can help us achieve this

So please, if you support what we are at, please please please help us get the word out further. We want to make sure we cover Google searches so that when someone types "London Cryptocurrency Show" into it, they find STEEM right up there on page 1. Make blogs about it. Upvote posts about it. Resteem it. Let's get it seen.

Please check out and maybe give an upvote to some of the people helping out:

@creatocracy, @stephenkendal, @starkerz, @ashtv, @allasyummyfood, @ejemai, @utopian-io, @esteem, @gisi, @weirdside and many others (if i've missed them I'll add them later)

Thanks all.

Love light and laughter
Anarcotech x

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Cheers to everyone in London who's going to be learning about steemit.

The awareness level of steemit is somewhat low. I was using steemit in school today, and a friend of mine had no idea what it was.


You can help out in preaching the gospel. Thanks


I will.
I recommended steemit to a friend in an email before my account got approved.

I'll have to do more work to move the ministry forward.


That will be great

This is a huge show indeed that will certainly impact steem blockchain positively. RESTEEMED


Is going to be a huge... The preaching of crypsto will never stop. Keep doing the good job you guys are doing...

To achieve great expectations requires sacrifices and capital is not small but if there is no help one work that can not be done. Keep trying, golden opportunity is in sight.