Steemit is now in the top 1000 most authoritative websites in the world. Huge Achievement!!!

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Steemit in the top thousand global websites according to Alexa.


Last week, I had a conversation with the marketing manager for the upcoming London Cryptocurrency Show. As with most people who are interested in marketing, Search Engine Optimisation is pretty much the holy grail for them, and your Alexa ranking is one of the best ways to determine how popular a website is, compared to other websites .

I talked to her about how Steemit posts make for fantastic long tail keywords, and quite often are showing up in google searches, and how targetting your titles and images in your Steemit posts can end up getting a post high up on the first page of Google.

It also helps that posts here are well written using markdown, and Google really likes it. In terms of visibility, when we post here on the STEEM blockchain, it's got a pretty good chance of being able to be found by someone randomly doing a search. I will be talking about this in other posts coming soon, especially about how to maximise the chance of your post getting noticed....and what that might mean for being able to bring additional real value to the blockchain.

Getting ranked by Alexa in the top 1000 websites in the world is a real measure of success as to how Steemit is growing, especially as a less than two year old site.


Now we need to keep it there. And that's done by adding more and more exceptional quality posts to the blockchain, and continuing to promote it.

And one of the really key messages to get out is that as an SEO tool, Steemit is a really awesome site to be on. I will be posting about this in the next few days to give a bit more information about how we can make this incredibly useful for promotional activities (obviously I'm talking about #promo-steem initiatives!) and what we can all do to help grow us even higher in the rankings.

For now, party on everyone. This is an amazing milestone to have reached in such a short time.

Love, light and laughter
Anarcotech x

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Steemit is indeed exceptional.
I'm still mad over the fact that I didn't know of this sooner.
So much time wasted on those other social platforms. What do you think about the potential of steem?
How much do you think the value of steem will rise?

This is truly phenomenal, Steemit is going waay to the top.

Wow..! It feels great to lern about how exponentially steemit has grown in the last two years! What happens when it comes 5,10 years old? By then, it will have taken number one position with steem price at perhaps $1000 per unit! This is a future I can't wait o experience.

Great post

@eurogee of @euronation community

this is a fantastic result, undoubted that steemian are have a shift writing time in making a post in steemit it is depend on the GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)...

Great news and agree with your spirit for steemit... Every day brings more users and with more users comes more credibility. Positive feedback loop for sure 😀😀😀

amazing, hope we become good friends, @aldy

This is great .... #promo-steem in my opinion that dominates steemit to level 1000 as more and more recruitment is done by team #promo-steem then more and more users are in steem and create great content

This is huge! Congratulations to us all. Amazing job sir and thanks for the encouragement always.

Very nice. Thanks for sharing

Amazing. And we have to remember that we are only at the beginning of the journey.

To the moon, boys!

Thanks for marking the brilliant milestone and look forward to the next round of posts on this topic.

I just joined in steemit. I do not really understand about steemit yet. help me to grow

Great post @anarcotech thumbs up from me 😊