A STEEM APP: FOR CHECKING YOUR WEEKLY PAYOUT (1 sbd giveaway in the post)

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Yesterday, I forked a script by @odl.

In a less technical term, it means I adopted his work and improved on it.

He was trying to build a web app that helps you calculate your pending payout, It was a really good idea but then there were a lot of mistakes in the logic. I was so happy to improve on it, it took some hours though, nevertheless, I did it.

To use this feature, you can simply click here and input you username . or rather you can just use a direct link like this (http://check.akin.com.ng/@akintunde), just replace @akintunde with your username.

I have already talked about this on utopian but it was more of a technical post and I see that since I have been posting on utopian , most of my followers have been keeping mute on the comment section.I have been feeling lonely becuase of this. Not to worry, I have a grandiose plan that will reconnect us on a very amiable level.

So that is why I am introducing this again in the a less technical post.

More so, keep in mind that this is still an ongoing work. the graphics are not yet perfect , the calculations are only about 90% effective because I am only calculating sbd withdrawals, I am yet to be specific with the curators steem power returns

So, feel free to use this script and suggest new ideas. I am hoping to get a domain name for this work. If you have any ideas for the domain name, please suggest here in the comment.

If I pick your suggestin, I will appreciate you with 1 sbd and that is only if you resteem and upvote this post.

For those that don't understand what a domain name means, it's just an address like this (steemtools.com) , the address I am using at the moment is too long , I need a better one.

More so, I want to use this opportunity to hail some wonderful guys on the steem blockchain and if you have not followed this guys, please do. They are awesome.

They include @rufans @tojukaka @ejemai @thelovejunkie @ewuosos @mkt @nairadaddy and much more that I can't remember at the moment.

And then some minnows too . ( @arishe @ayomide14 ...)

Keep steeming.


keep it up , works great

Thanks. I am looking for a domain name suggestion. Any ideas

Tunde's Weekouts perhaps.:D

LOL. great funny name. thanks anyways

this is cool. nice man, actually been looking for a nigerian web developer to partner with on steem blockchain, i have a few ideas i would like to share with you. if you are on discord channel drop me a message, am darkerhorse.

I would love that. Okay I will

Its easy to use and simple, The only thing is you cant see payouts for comments. A little bit of graphics also can make it better.

Yeah. I talked about it. That is why I said its 90% done. That will come soon

how accurate is this? does it also calculate payout from comments?

The payout from the comment is the only inaccuracy I am still trying to tackle

can you calculate the payout of an individual post? then just calculate the posts from user, because comments counts as posts too.

Of course i will do that. This is just the beginning.

Good job boss. Kindly work more on payout for comments and the graphics. I suggest www.steemitppo.com

Yeah. We just started. The graphics will improve immensely

Nice work bro

Thank you so much

Wonderfull work!! Bro

great job!! keep it up

I like how you take the effort to explain the technical part, for us non coders!

Thanks. Try and use it and suggest ideas for me to use.

Who won the 1SBD?