Teaching my father how to use Steemit

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Dear Steemit friends,

Happy Monday!

I am currently back in my country, Myanmar for the family event and I thought I introduce 65 years old father to steemit. He was impressed the idea that he could earn money by writing. He was a massive fan of facebook.

I have told them about steemit a few months ago. But since steemit is not the easiest platform to understand , they were not able to do.

Hopefullynow , they understand more and very soon to be able to post on steemit.

Ever since @kachinhenry has launched @exchange-msc acccount, it is also much easier for them to convert from Steem/SBD to Myanmar kyats which I think is such an amazing idea.

Both my parents has been retired , so with steemit they can earn extra money.



I didn't realize nowadays creating new steemit account take around 1 or 2 weeks to get the accounts approved. Hopefully we will get their accounts approved very soon..

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It is great when we know our people on Steam
I will teach the people of my house it
Great location and really distinctive
Very beautiful pictures well published


thank you.. yes you should teach them too!

Happy monday friend how are you good hope you are so full of time in Myanmar that it is astonishing to think that you encourage your father about steemit is a very good thing because it is very good in the case of earning it The medium that you worked about him, it's a good day for you and all of us, my cock for you


thank you.. best wishes to you too.. I am guessing you type sth wrong with that" my cock for you"..


it is great you are teaching
i think i have learn fom you about steemit


Thank you so much for the friend and I'm sorry for my wrong type

This is the way
Steemit is getting more and more users every day we must to spread the word in order to keep growth


also need to make sure they are active and keep using them..

Its good you involved a big family member to steemit..beneficial


yes! thank you .. now they are super excited about it.


Welcome dear....i think its cheers moment will be for him..good luck to your father.

Father is the first and great teacher than all other teacher..
Everyone first teach their parents . It will be mother or father...
Thanks for sharing your teaching moment with father ..@aburmeseabroad


Yes now I can teach them back..

really steemit is the very good social site.i love steemit.

Woww!! So impressive. Hope I can teach my parents too soon!! You’re amazing!! :-)


You should.. signing up etc are quite complicated.. so I showed them how to post first..


Yeah! Hopefully they’ll get it soon. Thanks for this idea by the way. :-)

So good to see new users here

Great job!


You’re welcome 😊

superb girl, you are doing great❤️❤️. God bless you and yeah steemit is far far away better than facebook. at least here your time not considered to be waste you can earn some money good job keep it :)❤️❤️


yes! it might not seem like so big at the beginning but slowly surely.. my friend.

nice girl,,i like your work,your talking is right,father is always our hero

WoW, မိဘေတြပါ လက္ဆင့္ကမ္းေနျပီ ေကာင္းလိုက္တာဗ်ာ က်ြန္ေတာ္ေတာ့ သူငယ္ခ်င္းေတြ လက္ဆင့္ကမ္းတာ ထြက္ေျပးကုန္တယ္ father ျကီး ျကိုးျကိုးစားစားသင္ယူေနတာေတြ႔ေတာ့ ဝမ္းသာလိုက္တာ ဖိုက္တင္းးးးး


အင္းဂမေတြ႕တာၾကာၿပီေနာ္.. ဘာမွမကုန္ ပဲ ပိုက္ဆံရမွာကို မလုပ္ခ်င္တဲ့သူေတြကိုေတာ့ နားမလည္...


post သိပ္မတင္ျဖစ္ေတာ့ မေတြ႔တာပါ တက္တာနဲ႔ ရွာျပီေတာ့ vote ေတာ့ ေပးလိုက္တာဘဲ မန့္မေရးျဖစ္ခဲ့ဘူး အချမွ father ျကီး ျကိုးစားေနတာ ေတြ႔လို့ အားတက္ျပီ မန့္ေရးလိုက္တာ


inn.. a loat ka nay tine loat nay ya ter.. r chain taung ma shi bu phit nay lo..

That's great dear friend. Steemit is now the most popular social platform as people have a lot of interest. I'm very pleased that your father also interested to use steemit and you learn your father how to use it. Thanks a lot @aburmeseabroad.


yes.. it's great steemit is getting more popular, isn't it..


yes dear friend.


really right talk.

Hopefully quickly get it, steemit indeed has provided convenience to us all..
Good luck @aburmeseabroad


steemit sure is! thanks :)

Steemit is now the most popular social platform as people have a lot of interest. I'm very pleased that your father also interested to use steam and you learn your father how to use it. Thanks a lot, @aburmeseabroad .Steemit is getting more and more users every day we must to spread the word in order to keep growth.

keep it up sir, it took me 2 weeks to be verified also on steemit. Thank you for the idea also, ill teach my parents soon :).

How are you? You think that encouraging you to encourage your father is a very good thing, because it is very good to earn it.

Welcome you fater steemit

Your are cute girl and this is so nice platform to know each other, every country of people. God blessed you and your parents.

Hi @aburmeseabroad! I'm so impressed with your father's desire to learn and keep up with technology! He even has paper for writing notes! That's fantastic! :D

I am always so inspired when people from previous generations are willing to forge new pathways and learn new things.

It's so easy, as one gets older, to hold to the past because the past is a familiar place whereas the future is full of uncertainty and the unknown.

I hope that your dad is able to inspire his friends and other family members to explore Steemit. Right on!!! :D

I followed you! Looking forward to more posts from you! :)

Good job. once the account approved, ask him to join with Myanmar Steemit Community ( MSC ). Definitely your father have a lot of stories to share .

Now, you're really lucky to have a vote. But you deserve it!! Congrats! :)

It's amazing, you do care about people around you, I'm proud to have friends like you

It must be patient now in creating a new steemit account

You really care about the same parents, I like that

It's a really nice moment that you have highlighted in us all the fate of the fate that makes his own girl so beautiful on a social networking site. It is very sad today, why do we have any of us really like your father and daughter, thank you so beautiful For a post

Yes now a days it takes 2-3 weeks for account approval, cause one of my friend wanted to join as well.

I have taught my uncle a month ago and now he is using steemit too. Its always nice that our family members can be with us on this platform.

It's great to teach people how to use steemit most of all your family. We should make all the people aware about this wonderful platform. Anyways you are so beautiful.