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Have you joined the 200 #HIVE🐝 TWITTER GIVEAWAY? It takes about 5mins and...

4 Lucky Hivers will win 50 HIVE (each) on Twitter this Friday!

Winners will be chosen randomly (using a randomizer) and announced on Twitter at ~11pm EST this Friday, April 3rd, 2020.

How to participate? Follow the instructions in (this tweet).

HIVE Post: https://peakd.com/hive/@donald.porter/200-usdhive-giveaway

Time Left to Join the Fun: ~3 Days

Why should you participate?
Crypto giveaways and bounties on Twitter help to raise awareness. It's free and everyone wins. No-coiners and new-coiners are forced to create a HIVE account to participate while we enjoy the benefits of going viral. The more people participate, the more interest we bring to the HIVE.

Total (Confirmed) Participants: 33

Hivers listed below have been confirmed for giveaway. Please note, winners will be checked again after the draw so read the rules carefully.

Participating Hivers:


Much thanks to everyone listed above. If you have completed the giveaway tasks and did not see your username, please comment with a link to your tweet.

Keep an eye out for the Winners Announcement this weekend.

Take Care



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