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I decided recently that I was going to start creating content and start sharing Steem and its projects in my other social media. So i began by creating videos, participating in twitter conversations & telegram groups as well. Then now I'm publishing on LinkedIn, this to gauge which social media would work for me.

Here are the two videos which I used for YouTube

A basic intro to Steemhunt , I then went to start with other videos. One of it was actifit.

There was other videos which I did however it was not a great video so I did't put it up.

The whole idea is to be able to reach a larger audience and explaining to them about this amazing social media which we all own.

I do suggest that everyone follows suite in promoting steem on other social networks as there is no one else who would be doing it if we ourselves do not take up this task.

Cheers and hope you are having a brilliant week !

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apa khabar kawan !


Baik.. 👍👍👍

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Estoy empezando hoy y caro también me uno a la promoción de steemit por Facebook. Saludos


bienvenido al amigo mi amigo

I make it a habit to share all my written content on all my channels, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Discord, Whatsapp, SnapChat— all of them. That way STEEM gets the traffic, would be better if we could get back the views count tho 😒

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agree with you on giving us back those view counts. sharing on other socials is great however what would be more effective would be talking about steem in those other social streams.


As a marketing guy (day job)... It gets daunting trying to convince nocoiners to leave the other networks, especially back when the wait time was up to two weeks.

I recommend using shortened @Steem.Ninja links (ex., which were being blocked by both Facebook and Twitter for a time, thankfully not anymore; so I share that ever so often on my channels like here:

My social reach is ~200k (I own a 100k+ group and a 25k pg on FB, ~8k twitter) however over the course of our recent bear market I can only account for about 40 signups 😔, but...

This year it's on!

PS: The view counts are easier to use when acquiring clients as opposed to upvotes and rewards.


that's amazing ... I'm in the measly hundreds only in terms of followers on my other social stream. thx for the tip on the shortener will get it done on my next post.

I share my steem content via facebook personal & biz, IG & LinkedIn... have been for 6 already. Important for mass adoption & to drive up the steem price.

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thats so true , which social media seems to get the most engagement on your steem sharing ?


Facebook for sure. No contest.

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Let go promote steem. The bear market is never an option for opting out

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thats so true !

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