A $25 USD Donation & Some Changes On @Projectsteem

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Some Charitable Improvements on @ProjectSteem!

In case you´ve read about the Project in previous Posts, then you might know that it was at first planned to benefit Investors as well and function as a Vote Bot in order to raise further Donations for Charities. To make it short, there will be a major change so that from today on 100% of all Liquid Post Payouts will exclusively be used on Donations to Charities.

Additionally to this the Account @ProjectSteem will regularly initiate a fresh Power down in order to add the accumulated Steem to the Donation Pot as well. It just doesn´t feel right to keep the Steem Power on the Account as the Project is 100% non-profit!

Further all future Charity Organizations will be nominated and chosen by the Steemit Community. So stay tuned for the next Posts and get ready to throw in your Nomination for a Project Steem Donation.

So let´s sum it all up in three bullet points:

  • All Post Payouts will be donated to Charities
  • The Account will be powered down to add the Steem to the Donation Pot
  • The Charities will be nominated and chosen by the Community


The First Donation From @ProjectSteem Was Worth $25 USD !

(Donated to a Project by "Save the Children")

Thank you all, who supported @ProjectSteem and made this Donation possible!

Please Support, Upvote, Resteem & Follow @ProjectSteem
(You may get in touch with me on Discord & Steemit.chat via @Steembusiness)

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