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RE: Project Newbie - 2 week statistics and Finders + Curation Rewards

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Update: There may come some changes in the upcoming week on how the project will go forward with adoption.

There has been some controversy on the way the project nominates users introduction posts and I wanted to make a few things clear about it.

  1. We only nominate verified newbies posts because we don't want posts where users try and fake being other people for the sake of getting a reward for it.
  2. We would want to notify users who haven't verified their account that the opportunity of simple verifying your account (verifying does absolutely not mean you have to give out personal information about yourself) through another social platform you have used before or another style of verification which proves your legitimacy as a new user or an old user who wants to introduce themselves.
  3. The point of the account is to provide some visibility to these users and a chance to easier connect to others on the platform.
  4. All SP collected by this account will start being used to reward contributors if the amount of $D collected on a weekly basis starts to be too low and interest in contributions stop. The account is yet to be able to divest since the amount is still too low (10x of starting SP).
  5. With more active users in the project we will start letting unverified introduction posts about the project so they can decide if they want to verify their account in any way.

There have been similar projects popping up and not to forget the first ones like @steemcleaners. I love the initiative and think this is exactly what the community needs more of, anyone who would want to work together and join sides is welcomed to. DM me on and we can talk about how the emersion should occur.

Thanks for everyone supporting the project, I am glad contributors have been becoming more with the amount of new users that are also increasing. Looking forward to the future of the project and the platform! :)


Thank for this update and for my reward $. I am having fun introducing new people to this project thanks to @pupably.

Many thanks for the update. I did not know about this project. Very cool for all the new steemians joining. I didn't know what was going on over 3 months ago and I still feel like I have a lot to learn. The steemit matrix is nothing like what I've experienced before.

To the Moon and Beyond!