Project Newbie - Day 5, 6 and 7 Statistics

Even though I have been sort of busy lately with some other projects, @projectnewbie has still been going strong and welcoming new verified users! Now with help from @pulpaply on the Curating side its going to be even more active in the future! We are also soon receiving help from another user (which I don't know the name of yet) but I just wanted to say that these 2 Curators have been manually welcoming new users to the site before they heard about @projectnewbie and I want to thank them personally for their welcoming comments and help to new users!

(Logo by @acidyo)

Since I was the only one active most of the first week, I decided to push forward the weekly SD reward so that I don't receive most of it (since that was 70 SD and the posts on this account haven't made as much this week), I thought it would be more fair to the new Curators and possible Finders to get them some time to activate themselves and thus share the rewards more evenly in the 2nd week!

Nominees to @projectnewbie:

Day 1 - 8 users
Day 2 - 10 users
Day 3 & 4 - 14 users
Day 5, 6 & 7 - 13 users

Week 1 - 45 verified users

I see many users without any sort of verification, and to not give the fake ones a chance to abuse the project or the votes of the rest of the community - we decided that with our personal accounts we will let the newcomers who haven't verified themselves know about @projectnewbie. If they after verify, they will receive welcoming comment and hopefully in time more attention through the users that follow this account.

Since this project is growing with 3 Curators and around 10 unique Finders so far, we hope the community continues to support the project and gets these posts some visibility so more users who haven't heard of it yet get a chance to.

Thanks for reading! If you find any introduction posts from new and legit users - don't forget to link them to #projectnewbie on for a Finders Reward!


Thank you very much for taking this post to pulgarcito the sitema, if not misunderstood you should check our accounts. as would that be?

Note to self: make a verification selfie.

Ok we will consider this, but need time since we are less than 24hrs new today ourselves, but my family and I @vetvso have been social media curation for a very long time.

Ok thank you, and I left a few messages on the your steem chat #projectnewbie

Join the channel on called #projectnewbie!

Then you just link to posts that no one has linked to yet where users make an introduction and verify they aren't fake. You can also step up as a Curator to post with @projectnewbie and welcome them.

Both give rewards!

Thank you, and once I have this figured out, I will train my team to help me.