Project Newbie - Day 2 Statistics

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Hello dear Steemians!

This is the 2nd day of the accounts activity.
Notice that the feature of commenting on unverified accounts/posts to let them know about the project is still not active and posts who haven't verified their account on their own, are currently being ignored by this account.
I want to keep the comments and votes of this account on the introduction posts only, to make it easier readable in the future for statistics. For now we will announce these stats only until further growth.

Daily nominated introduction posts.
16/9/8 - 8 posts
16/9/9 - 10 posts

Finders and Curation Rewards.
Until now there have been 7 different finders and only 1 curator.

The weekly Reward program will share the amount of total posts between the 70 $D and 75% of that goes to Finders respectively the amount of posts they have found, 25% to Curators and the amount of posts they have commented with @projectnewbie on.

Still in need of more Curators, the percentage the Reward is divided in might change depending on interest of users.

Statistics like "How much more votes/comments did a post get after receiving the @projectnewbie nomination" , "Curation Rewards from nominees" (especially after Tuesdays hardfork) and many more will follow in time and adoption.

Follow @projectnewbie and you can easily check its comments to find new users that have introduced themselves!

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Currently alone Curating and commenting on introduction posts with @projectnewbie. Although the amount of posts hasn't been overwhelming, it would be nice with some more users that can cover the hours others are AFK. So the intro post gets the @projectnewbie welcome as soon as possible. :)

There are rewards involved, DM me on for more info! Finders you just need to link to a legit intro post to be eligible to an automatic weekly payment.