Project Milkbox Logo Contest "Find your loved ones"

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header logo project milkbox.png

What is Project Milkbox

Project milkbox is a blockchain project established to help families find missing children and loved ones. according to what I know, they are dedicated to hunt down human traffickers.


  • name in logo "Project Milkbox"
  • slogan "Find your loved ones"
  • entry must provide visual identity about project mission.

Logo Result

The first reference material in this design is "search icons" and "milkbox". The following is the process of creating a logo. ranging from the structure of "box" and "search".

logo idea.png

logo idea ii.png

logo view.png

  • projecmilkbox_logotype_vertical_colour_1000 x 1000 px


  • projecmilkbox_logotype_vertical_black_1000 x 1000 px


  • projecmilkbox_logotype_vertical_white_1000 x 1000 px


  • projecmilkbox_logotype_horyzontal_colour_1000 x 500 px


  • projecmilkbox_logotype_horyzontal_black_1000 x 500 px


  • projecmilkbox_logotype_horyzontal_white_1000 x 500 px



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