Smart whistle for kids alerting moms they are in trouble

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Project Milkbox finding missing children

Hey Steemies : ) I read and heard about Project Milkbox and first I wasn't sure of it but now that @officialfuzzy had explained more about the statistics of children going missing I remembered my own fears when my daughter was very little. You have alarms like wristwatches for when they would be near a pool to prevent them for accidentally falling. Babies however hold their breath while in water so know you can teach them.

But this isn't harming them as much as people abducting kids for nefarious purpouses. The statistics are really horrible as you can hear here:

And so I though about a whistle which would call mom or dad(!) who would have a gun to kill the bad guys. Yes kill, bad people need to be afraid of parents, just watch what happened lately with the school shootings and all the news about pedophiles.

How would this whistle work?

  • It would be activated by blowing into it
  • So no risk of radiation, cell phones do cause cancer which has been proven beyond doubt. Don't trust the cherry picked studies
  • The phone would secretly call mom
  • Has GPS and location tracking build into it
  • it would only update it's location once in a while but the child can (silently) whistle if it's not comfortable
  • it would look like a toy or keys could be attached to it alongside

And I see it already exists!


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