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Early morning of Sunday August 19th, 2018. Barquisimeto, Venezuela. Cardboard box. Especially long ears and tail for such a small body. Weeks of life... That's how Hoppie came to my world.

On Saturday night, a few hours before our first meeting, I was at the presentation of a renowned comedian of my country, who despite the critical situation in Venezuela, took a few laughs and mitigated the 'general tension in the environment' of this nation. I returned home satisfied, with good humor. I passed the door and, as usual when I arrive at that time, my mother waited for me on a sofa in the living room. With her eyes almost closed from sleep, I went to her room while pointing to a peculiar box that was leaning against the wall. "Look what they brought you", whispered between yawns.

I approached, still remembering jokes in my head and thinking that I could find everything in there, except what there really was: a cute sleeping kitten. A different pet than parrots, turtles and hamsters! I was filled with the purest joy! That surprise overshadowed the spectacle of Emilio Lovera himself! That time I slept with a formidable happiness on my face!

The cat survived alone in the street, trembled with cold and her only cry for help was a choppy meow, a mixture of hunger and fear, which caught the attention of my younger brother, the person who brought her out of this cruel reality.
In that crossroads of lives, she stole the hearts of all the members of this fragmented family since the death of my father. He completed us. We were four again. We could not baptize her in any other way: "Hoppie", as my dad called me once, comes from "hope".

I have a protection pact with this helpless being. I want to convey my gratitude in all humanly possible ways. It's presence accompanies me in the face of storms that I never express in front of people. I hope she lives many years, even more than me; I can not stand to see her sick.

She awoke all empathy, compassion and tenderness that I believed were severely extinct… Then, given the circumstances, who rescued whom? I can not speak for the other inhabitants of my home, but I firmly affirm that Hoppie rescues me constantly, particularly when life insists on knocking me out.

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