Milkbox Guide: How to do a search #4 🔎


In order to continue guiding the community, today we bring our second search guide 🔎

Every week, we will be presenting a simple guide that can help you in those moments where you can lose control amidst the angst.

Finding a senior citizen that went astray on a family outing!

It may not be very common to see a lost older adult, but what to do if it happens?

✔️ Be calm, in the midst of despair people often do not think clearly.

✔️ Going through the places where you have been together will help in this case.

✔️ Ask relatives or other people for help, a bigger amount of people seeking can reach greater effectiveness.

✔️ Call as many relatives as possible, maybe someone knows his/her location.

✔️ If after exhausting all the options they are not successful, you should ask the corresponding authorities for help.

✔️ Social networks are a great ally. Use them properly.

  • When going out for a walk with an older adult, do not forget to make sure that he or she carries personal identification, information about any medical condition or urgent medical attention and the number of a responsible family member to contact in case of loss.

If you have some other suggestions about what affected people can do in those cases, do not hesitate to write them in the comments 💬 and, thus, you will receive rewards. 💰

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