Milkbox Guide: How to do a search #2 🔎


In order to continue guiding the community, today we bring our first search guide🔎

Every week, we will be presenting a simple guide that can help you in those moments where you can lose control amidst the angst.

Finding a missing family member in a shopping mall!

It is very frequent that, when being in an extensive commercial center, a child or an older adult get lost; they walk away from supervision and inadvertently move too far away. It is frightening to think that this happens. But what should we do in those cases?

✔️ Be calm, in the midst of despair people often do not think clearly.

✔️ Locate a surveillance stall which manages the entry and exit points, this to prevent the person from leaving the infrastructure.

✔️ Ask the security staff of the shopping center for help, they will follow the search protocol and, in this way, it will be more effective.

✔️ Search for places where we think the person is.
Always remember to talk with all the members of the family about what they should do in a situation like this. Keeping children and seniors close to our visual range will always be the best prevention.

If you have some other suggestions about what affected people can do in those cases, do not hesitate to write them in the comments 💬 and, thus, you will receive rewards. 💰

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