Milkbox Guide: How to do a search #1

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Dealing with the disappearance of a person or a pet is one of the most difficult situations that anyone can go through. For this reason, in project Milkbox, we have decided to create a series of guides that will help you to know the advices to follow in the event of an incident of this type.

Remember that, in case of disappearances, there are measures that we must follow to carry out a search:mag_right: . Each one of them varies according to the place where they happen or, even, to the laws that govern it. Consequently, it is important to analyze carefully the factors that surround and influence the situation.

However, whatever the case may be, you can follow the following recommendations::memo:

  • Do not panic.
  • Do not start the search alone.
  • Report the disappearance to the nearest authorities.
  • Analyze calmly the situation to try to find clues or extra information.
  • Ask for help immediately.

And also, keep in mind that being cautious is also very important:warning: .

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