My Entry for the Project "MilkBox" Logo Contest

in projectmilkbox •  10 months ago

Here is my entry for the Project "MilkBox" Logo Contest hosted by @officialfuzzy and @steempowerpics.



Transparent Background

This is a contest with some really really really good project behind and I am very pleased to participate in it. Thank you so much @officialfuzzy and your team for this project!!!

I can speak from experience to lose someone, 18 years back the younger sister of my mom disappeared I did a lot of things with my mom to find her but till today we could not find her :(((

So again thank you very much and I wish you in the name of all the people who have lost some loved ones many success with the project and I would very much appreciate if you could keep us informed about the development of the project and please let us know if some lost ones get found.


Best regards


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Remember to change your background, they asked for transparent one ;-)


Thank you very much and background is changed to transparent now :)))

I wish you all the best in this Project "MilkBox" Logo Contest👍, I really suffer when I hear that one of my friends has lost someone dear to him ,,,,So I wish from the bottom of my heart but a person to meet those who lost dear to him ,,, as I wish you friend find your sister in one day ,,,, Wish you and your family happiness of life...
Good luck my dear friend @danyelk 👍👍👍


Thanks my friend

That little milky box looks really cute ^^ It's a very good initiative and i hope you and this project all the best !!!


Thank you :)))

Your logo is so nice


Great and lovely design man, I never knew you know how to design graphics this much


Thanks yes I do all the images for my crypto news myself

Certainly a masterpiece. You are so good in graphic designs. This awesome piece is an eloquent testimony to that. Kudos to the team hosting this contest and good luck to you.


Thank you and yes it is a great project.


Welcome and well done

Great work,sir. Quite creative. Am sorry about your Aunt. Family is precious. Keep up the good work. I would love to say your entry is very Unique.


Thank you

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okay cool

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Thanks :))

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