The Power of the Uncommon Spirit

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Gen 2:4-7
Everything you need to prosper has been wired into human spirit.

Man lost his dominion to Satan the devil in the very beginning of his existence on the face of the earth.

In the same way man lost his dominion to Satan, Jesus restored back to his children when he said: receive ye the Holyghost after his resurrection.

Job 32:8- there is a spirit in man, the inspiration of God gives him understanding.

Job is making reference to the same Gen 2:4-8, that man needs the uncommon spirit to excel.

Features of the Human Spirit

  1. The human Spirit can Fail: The human spirit was not created to be perfectly unable to fail. Even Angels were given the opportunity to decide or make decisions for themselves as touching who they want to follow when when Satan fell as a result of pride. That's why immediately they failed, the sentence of death was passed on them.

  2. The human spirit can easily be influenced. Satan deceived Eve and Eve propelled Adam to eat the fruit thereof. That is corruption of the human spirit by deeds and influence.

1 Cor 2:11- for what man knows the spirit except....

It takes the human spirit to understand the mind of man as well as it would take the holyspirit to know the mind of God.

  1. The human spirit is created to live into the suitcase called the body. That is a feature that gives man duality of realms.

  2. The human spirit is created in the divine image of God. That's why man can claim to be the god of the earth.

  3. The human spirit must be trained on how to prosper(the school of the spirit) Dan 1:5
    The reason why there are lapses today is because people don't want to submit themselves to training.

The Spirit in you determine the level of your prosperity you get, and as such you have to deal with yourself to ensure that existent evil spirits are casted out.

Those who want to make prosperity without God consults strange spirits in other to get it. That singular activity get them under covenants with strange gods that determine how far they go.

As children of God, demand for wisdom. James 1 says if any man lacks wisdom let him pray.

Isaiah 11:1-2 has given us power and authority to be bold in demanding for our due right in Christ Jesus as we walk upon the earth.



The stuff about prosperity is total nonsense. Man doesn't need an "uncommon" spirit to succeed. Unbelievers succeed all the time.

Prosperity in the christian perspective has a more wider definition. It is not streamlined only to money. It encompases those things that money can buy and the ones that money can't buy. So get the understanding.

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