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Hi guys

Just small announcement. Read it and please do not resteem this post. It's mostly to be read by all those authors who are part of project.hope.

As you all know, recently we've experiences escalation of conflict between Justin Sun and witnesses. I'm not going to discuss this topic, as it isn't main goal of this article.

I only wanted to underline, that within that period of time Steemit wasn't working well. Steemauto has been down and HOPE-bot wasn't working half of the time as well. Situation seem to stabilized already, however at this moment I've list of over 30 publications from our community to receive upvote. On top of that every day there is several new posts published within our hive and this list is currenly growing fast.

For the time being I'm changing voting power to 50% -> just to catch up little bit. I'm going also to curate using tipu (I'm managing 2 accounts with 8 upvotes there - each upvote worth >130k SP).

I'm only letting you all know about it, so you would not be surprissed to see only 50% upvote on your current publications. Within 2-3 days everything should go back to normal.


  • do not resteem
  • please write anything in comment section like "confirm / okey / got it / read it" etc. - just enough so I would be aware who read this post and who didn't.


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Good day Peter,
I am glad you are on top of this. I was wondering how the transition would impact our project hope. I also appreciate being listed even though I have not been posting as much as other people of late.

Got it... thanks for the update

Don’t worry about that my friend.

It’s ok for me. No problem..!!

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Allright, wish you solve the bug soon @crypto.piotr 👍

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Hi @crypto.piotr

And I agree.



Hi, got it. Same as SteemAuto works SteemVoter, so I was testing it and it seems to be fine. As you mentioned, SteemAuto works well now.

Thank you for is update it is very important in developing the community

dobrze? :) wowow. Where did you learn that? :)

Sincerelly, Google Translator.

Thank you 🙏 for the update. Good luck with this bug work in front of you.
Take care

Alright, we perfectly understand.

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