Project Help Students of the North – East Nigeria

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Project Help the North – East Nigeria


Hello, my name is Muhammad Sagir Muhammad, a Diploma Graduate of Electrical Electronic Engineering, currently an undergraduate student of computer science, I’m from Adamawa State, the North Eastern part Nigeria that was affected by terrorist activities in the last three to four years back. My state or region (North East) have suffered allot from the terrorist (Boko Haram) activities. Which have cause a major drawn back in the region especially economic activities. State that falls within the domain of this region are now facing difficulties in running the government day to day activities leaving it with no option than to wait for government intervention. The worst part of is; the government (Federal Government) itself cannot or do have fund enough to help the region. Many countries and international organization including the European Union and the United Nation have help in many ways and they still are. But there is still something left, the education sector as number of dropout from is so alarming due to fund or financial problem and this where my project starts.


I have been thinking of how to help my fellow students not only the one that leave in my region but the country at large, but my target now is the North East Region of the country because of Poorness or lack of financial support is one of major setback of the region. I have set myself a target of dealing the issue as myself other another LIKE MINDS Friends have embark on empowerment program for women and training some entrepreneurial skills that will help them to manage or support their house even without husband.


The next target is how to deal with financial problem associated with student in High School and tertiary institutions. In developed countries, you will find a young high school student working part-time after school, doing dome saving that will cover some little needs he of his choice, at the same time helping his parent doing the necessary house needs. The case is different in my country where you hardly find job for student. Is a very disturbing situation that a student in Nigeria you hardly find a student studying and at the same time working, because our environment is still in premature state of development. I want to create a platform that will bring student working on part-time and getting paid instantly for the job, be it daily, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly.



  1. BLOGGING: I will create a blog platform that will be paying for a content submitted, this will be done in manner that we will be connected to client like news agency and other bloggers where we will be given a topic of a certain content or a research topic we then our student par-time workers to do it they get paid for the content or the research the perform.

• We will also establish our self as blogger where we will pay for content submitted us that is posted on our blog.
• We are going to employ whom will be managing the blog platform on daily basis as we are going to pay par time spend.
• The blogging will also in another way boost the writing skills of student and at the same time setting him a goal to decide him next job after graduation.
• Will help mommy and daddy do their saving and student will also do his extra student spending with it.

  1. INTERGRATION OF BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY: In future, i aimed to integrate an automated payment system which will need a blockchain. This is to appreciate and extensively encourage the use of crypto currency and also to have a strong security system.
    We are going make the platform a “student pay per work done” environment whereby bridging the gap between the poor and rich student, this means student can work from home or school and get paid in cryrocurrency on school days or holidays.


  1. The platform target help and empower students.
  2. Encourage the use of cryptocurency.
  3. Ending poverty in the affected Northeast Nigeria and the country at large.

-Whatsapp : +2347066979027
EMAIL : [email protected]
ETHEREUM ADDRESS: 0x48d95748fEEe63E036962055AD34e6F73c3A7624
[email protected]**

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