#475. What is Proximax?

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Proximax will work as a platform for the software builders. It is beyond making a blockchain or solid app. The mission is to make fully fledged universal application development which will be equally beneficial to the builders, funders and the consumers.

What can you build with Proximax? https://www.proximax.io/

  1. Social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on without infringement on the privacy.
  2. Streaming services like Netflix, Youtube
  3. Business services software and many others

With the help of " PROXIMAX SIRIUS CHAIN" you can build your next Facebook, Skype, Amazon, Youtube. It is the backbone that holds the PROXIMAX, and it has all the tool that you will need. SIRIUS chain is a fork of NEM chain.

It has PoG (Proof of Greed) system, which will make sure that nodes do not get powerful by charging extreme price for each block.

PROXIMAX core services

Sirius streaming
Sirius content review
Sirius storage and supercontracts
Sirius Database

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