Steemit-powered Chess Tournament for kids in Iligan City! (100% of the liquid rewards will be used to help fund the event!)

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Steemit-powered Chess Tournament for kids in Iligan City! (100% of the liquid rewards will be used to fund the event!)

Partnership with Metro Iligan Chess Club (MICC)

To achieve the goals and intended purpose of the @project-eleven, which is to bring sports enthusiast into the steemit community, yesterday we met with the officials of Metro Iligan Chess Club (MICC) and discussed partnership as well as collaboration in organizing future chess tournaments in Iligan City.

During the discussion with MICC Officials, we introduced to them first the nature of our organization, especially on how we are able to fund such event. Although, they throw a lot of questions at us we still manage to answer them precisely. With @project-eleven's good purpose and intention in helping sports enthusiast, we have their approval. That means we are in partnership with them in attaining the intended purpose of @project-eleven.

We explained to them the idea of decentralized social media platform in a very simple manner since most of the attendees were old enough to learn about it. Only 3 of their members out of the 8 people who were present during the discussions showed interests in getting into the platform.

Anyway, we conveyed to them our plans in organizing our first ever event which is a chess tournament open for all Iliganon kids aged 15 years old and below. The goal of such event is to promote chess to young generation as well as promote steemit in the city!

Again this is our very first community event since we launched our project 2 weeks ago and we are so happy that they approved to host it in their place! Therefore, it was decided that we will sponsor the event as well as supervise the chess tournament with their help!

Who can participate in the tournament?

During our meeting with MICC officials, it was agreed that children 15 years old and below will be allowed to participate. The venue to held the tournament will be at MICC's place in Lai-Lai, Brgy. Poblacion, Iligan City.

It is expected that students from different public/private schools and those from far barangays will be attending such event. Nonetheless, it will be a fun and enjoying tournament.

The participant will be informed and be oriented about steemit and the blockchain.

The rules/nature of the tournament

The chess tournament will be played in accordance with FIDE (Fédération Internationale des Échecs or World Chess Federation) rules. As to how the game is to be played will be finalized tomorrow if it will be a classical chess, blitz, rapid, or in any other manner.

Tomorrow we will post as to how the tournament will be played. It is still being finalized as we are expecting 100+ young chess players.

The prizes and materials needed

The budgeted amount for the total prize is set to be 5,000 Philippine Pesos or 100 USD.

1stPhp 2,000
2ndPhp 1,000
3rdPhp 500
4thPhp 300
5-10thPhp 200

The budgeted amount of Php 5,000 is the guaranteed minimum prize and may increase depending upon the circumstances.

The materials needed to organize the tournament are still to be finalize. It will be finalized tomorrow. The sure materials needed as of the moment are:

  1. Tarpaulin to disseminate the incoming tournament.
  2. Water to hydrate the players.
  3. Chess mat if there will be a shortage (under canvassing)
  4. Chess clock if there will be a shortage (under canvassing)

The Chess mat and the clock will be donated after the event to those deprive communities and schools of sports equipment. The finalized materials needed will be posted tomorrow.

“Every chess master was once a beginner.” – Irving Chernev

Project-Eleven Team


I am looking forward to this day. Yay!

Ang ganda ng project na ito! Promoting sports as well as steemit.
Ang galing nyo!

Great initiative @project-eleven, I think it is chess is a very educational game for children, Thanks for all the support and wisdom to this beautiful community. God bless you always.


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