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After the facebook Sega of banning crypto related ads and promotion on its website,many social media website has follow suit if banning crypto project promotional activities on their site.
This came as a shock to the crypto world and at a time when promotional activities is necessary for mass adoption of blockchain technology and acceptance of digital currency.
But not to worry,Right from the start we know something like this must happen and take place, cause many website who don’t want to accept this new developments know this will affect their stocks and are using every means to fight back, hence the creation of a promotional project.
(Project-atlas] is a community project created to promote open source projects/ crypto related products/activities in creating social media awareness for such project with the atlas crowd force marketing skills.
It’s community situated at the beautiful bay of discord with the the atlas crowd force ready to start immediate campaign for any open source /crypto related activities as soon as the announcement and details is made.
Project-atlas reports its campaign activities on [steemit website] ( for now, where its blog is located so monitoring the campaign is easy and one can make adjustments anytime of what they might not like with the campaign process.
The project Atlas is ready to partner with any crypto project for massive adoption of such project and overall acceptance of digital currency around the world

The project Atlas acting as a blockchain advocate,Uses this project and the members of the atlas force skilled with different marketing strategies and a community created with skillful individuals includes

  • Writers
  • Media marketers
  • bloggers
  • Twitter and instagram lords (over 20k followers)
  • Media marketing strategist

Lets join forces and campaign your project

The love of blockchain is the beginning of a better world economy,Dedicated to promote crypto project for world adoption of blockchain technology, The project Atlas is open to any blockchain products to partner with inorder to make such project a massive and a successful one,working with you is our priority and we always love to keep it professional as we are all professional acquitted with what we usually do, partner with us and lets live that crypto dream.

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If I may make a suggestion: Sign on and also use

They have (under News) a Technology category. Whenever you make a post here, all you have to do at gab is make a post, giving the link to your steemit post. Nice and easy.

Gab is also growing very fast, so with both steemit and gab as promotional outlets, you will have provide a decent coverage for those who do not use twat or farcebook.