More Progress - Less Talk

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That's what I thought, too. So here is the Foam Gun in its finishing touches, so to speak. Maybe a bit more than a touch, though. But You can see where it goes.


This is but the prototype of a unit that I care to manufacture in small batches for reasons of availability to the interested Being. My idea has been from the beginning of the Universe to make possible, promote and offer tools for a life much more aligned to how this really should be done- without the absolutely unnecessary artificial suffering and pain for profit. There, You see, You can't get out of that truth.

No matter what You do - You already hurt Mother Earth pretty badly. How badly will remain Your little secret for now, but as for the collective of humanity, we are definitely out of excuses as to why we have not only changed our malvolent ways of living over the last couple a hundred years, but made sure that this 'free-for-all' mentality in regards to the Planet we call our 'home'.

Ponder about that. Does Your personal home look as fucked up as the planetary one?
of course it does not. You have a nice place, like most Beings strive to have a nice place. Ask this Bird:


But at what price?

So the answer - while insufficient in itself - must then be that we slow down to a halt more or less. Pretty much like just now. Only voluntarily and not by the eagerly authoritarian sadists who had a greater influence on the path of humanity over the last thousands of years than all those enlightened Dudes telling the people on demand how all of this goes together. Why, when? How long? But why?

The idea with the foam generator is to investigate and research the ability of cement to adhere to specific molecules that enable the structural integrity being preserved while at the same time at a fraction of the amount of cement needed conventionally. We need to drastically reduce the use of cement. And sand. So, to research what goes the longest way is crucial. The K-value - the measure of 'thermomeability' in terms of the caloric exchange between the two sides of any material. Like single pane glass. Or brick. Aero-Cement has the highest K-value without additional insulation material as required by all other methods. It's the air in the cement that insulates so fantastically. A geodaesic dome made with aero-cement - everything from emergency shelter to sustainable living can be done in a matter of days. Well, certainly not here...

But the first thing we, as humanity must do, is to kill planned obsolescence. It's a crime against the Universe, this planet we call home, all Mammals, Invertebras, Micro-Organisms - everybody but the rich cogsuckers suffers. And in the end, the cogsuckers croak and leave behind a burned down world, poisoned, polluted and hostile to anybode else but Cockroaches.

Fuck planned obsolescence. Or maybe even better, since everything in the West must be some war of sorts, make it 'The War on Planned Obsolescence'.

I am not sure about this 'more progress - less talk' thing. Still pretty even...

Take care and watch 'Planet of the Humans'. It falls lightyears short of how I see the situation, but presents the 'green delusion' very well.

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