JavaScript - Everything you need to know, before you dive in.

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Measuring the progress of programming by lines of code is like measuring progress in aircraft construction by the weight.
-"Bill Gates".

A few days ago, I talked about how profitable it could be to learn a programming language nowadays. This is due to the great demand of programmers in the labor market, which could benefit you sooner or later to get on this magnificent train.

Today, briefly, we are going to see one of the most recommended programming languages and more in demand, both when it comes to getting started in programming, as well as when continuing to expand horizons and learn a new language.

Yes, I'm talking about Javascript. So let's see certain aspects that it offers and why is a great programming language to start with.

Easy to start with.

The fact that you do not have to install or configure anything previously, makes it one of the simplest languages when it comes to start programming. The browser that you are using has everything you need to be able to write your first lines of code.

It is one of the most versatile languages.

The fact that Javascript at first, may seem like a simple language, does not mean that it is simple or very unsophisticated, since this is a printing error, which many developers or new people have at the beginning.

In turn, Javascript is a "Procedural Language, Functional, Imperative, object and event oriented". By this I mean that you, as a developer, have at your disposal to use Javascript in the way that suits your style and own philosophy.

Javascript, it's everywhere.

Perhaps one of the most important points to consider. Today, Javascript can be found in both Operating Systems, Mobiles, Internet Servers, Databases, Video Games and anywhere else you can imagine.

The fact of having evolved so much during the last years, and being the language of the Web, it put Javascript at the number 1 in the most used languages of all time.

And maybe this is just the beginning.

And to finish, I would recommend getting on the train. You have everything you need to get started, both on YouTube, and Google. A simple search, and desire to learn is all you need.

See you in the next guys, I hope you have enjoyed the post!

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Thanks for reading! :)

Nice post, programming is like reading now, every body should do it as general culture


Today one year ago you joined SteemIt
Thank you, for making SteemIt great and Steem on for more years to come!

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I am an AI course today. It is tough to learn everything I would like to learn in one lifetime. I love Steemit because it inspired me to get on board with a little code HTML code writing. What is the difference between HTML and Java Script?


Hello pretty soul! Hows going everything? Happy to see you still active on steemit. Well dont worry about javascript, html. Basically javascript is made for programming, to make things work, and html is made for the design of the site.

So how are you? Have a good day lady! hugs for you! :)

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