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Github Doesn't Lie!

My Steemit history is intertwined with my latest attempts at becoming a web application developer. I started Steemit in June 2017 and, as you can see from my Github contributions visualization, I also was doing a fair amount of learning about programming.

October and November were very difficult months for me. I'm glad to have gotten through them and I'm happy with how things have turned out... but it didn't make going through it any easier.

Back at it

As you can see, my Github contributions have started again. I'm working on a few projects, one for someone else and little learning exercises of my own.

I'm focusing on learning the Vue.js framework, but that comes with many other things, too. Right now I'm both going through a Laracasts series on Vue.js and I also found a Youtube series on Vue.js and FireStore for the database. I'm learning about FireStore because that's the database technology that my programming mentor's project is using.

I'm really learning a lot and I'm looking forward to being able to build apps that have persistent storage. Google's FireStore is really interesting and easy to get started with. I'll be working with it in my programming mentor's project and probably more than a few of my own learning projects.

Long term, I'm very interested in decentralized database technologies. I found one called Gun.js that looks amazing. I can't wait to try it out with one of my own learning projects soon.

It's a Struggle to Keep Momentum

I haven't posted here on Steemit in about a week and a half. I was in a car accident about that long ago. I'm fine. Walked away from it without a scratch or even a bruise! I'm so thankful. But it did take a bit of time to take care of scrapping the car and work out other details.

I hope to be back with consistency, but I do understand that the best way to keep going is to recognize when you've stopped and make the effort to get going again. I'm not going to just sit and watch life pass me by. These times are way too exciting for that!

Until next time,

-- @matthewdavid

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It can be really hard to keep momentum up when trying to learn something new. Probably the only good thing that can be said about formal education is that it makes you show up every day.

I like the trick of setting a really low daily goal: write for ten minutes, run just one mile... Once I get started I almost always wind up doing more than expected.

Sorry to hear about the car accident. Glad you're okay - cars are replaceable and people are not!


That mental trick is a good one. I'm setting aside time every afternoon for programming. Github is a great motivator, too, because I want more little green squares to show up!

Glad to hear that you survived with no injuries....What a miracle! Keep up the good work doing what you do well and never stop using your talents and gifts! Resteemed and upvoted!

sounds hard but you will get it developed and when you do ill download what ever it is just to support brother! keep learning and becoming smarter!

It's nice post dear and javaknowledge help ful
Thanks for sharing .



Thanks for commenting. Are you a javascript programmer? It's great to connect with people from India. I am interested in your culture and history.