How to make Money as a programmer

in #programming3 years ago

Programming may be one of the most important skills to learn for the future, but let's say you're about to finish a project and you don't know how to make money with it. If you are (or will soon be) in tis situation, than hopefully this post will help you.


What have you programmed?

The probably most important part on deciding how to monetice your creation is what you've actually programmed.

If it's a Windows Application you have the following options:

  • Make a Website for it that has many Adds on it
  • Post it on an Adverticed Software Download site
  • Make people pay for the software (only works if you 're software is really high end, like Adobe etc. and you want to target the enthusiast market) 
  • Only make people pay for certain features (like noise reduction in Video editing)

If it's a Phone Application you have the following options:

  • Put Ad bars on the bottom or top (like the ads that play while a youtube Video is running)
  • Make people pay for it (not more than 5$ people on app stores are pretty gready)
  • In-App purchases (only for features that aren't necesary)

If it's a Game

  • Put ads in it
  • Make people pay for it
  • In-Game purchases

So hopefully this could help you out deciding what kind of monetization you want to use. Good luck and have fun programming.