How to come up with programming ideas

in #programming3 years ago

Beeing able to programm is nice, but how do you come up with ideas for a programm or game? Here are my favorite ways to come up with such ideas.

1. Take a long walk/run

Taking a walk or running for a while(I prefer running) can clear your head from any useless information and dumb thoughts and therefore have the time to think about more creative stuff and come up with new ideas. I also wouldn't recommend just choosing a allready planned route. If you can remember were you went, just run in any dircection without thinking about it to much.

2. Take a shower

Some people sing under the shower others use the time to think about different things and getting their heads free so why not use the time to get creative and think about what new ideas you can come up with.

3. Ask a friend if they've got any ideas

If you just can't think of anything to programm, ask your friends what kind of app they'd like to have that, for example, just exists in apps that have a lot of adds or other features they don't want.

4. Get inspired from old/forgotten projects

For this one I can use my own experience. When I was younger I always played a game called Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland on my DS. Sadly even though the idea of the game was great no new game with it has been released since. So I just recently started making a similar game with Unity. If there is some game/project you think is worth to  revive than why not try that.

5. Become part of an Open Source Project

If you can't get any ideas just look for people who publicly realese their code for other people to help them with it and help finnishing those projects. A site for that(also steem based) would be Utopian.

Final Words

I hope this could help you. If you've got any questions just reply to this posts and I'll answer them.