Nice question.
The price of steem and sbd is actually high enough at the moment to earn some money even from posting pictures of your cat or dog in a daily basis. And it will reach even higher highs.

But if you write something useful for steemit like a tool, then you will earn even more, cause you are then actually being a helpful and appreciated member of the steemit community. For something like that you might need a lot of knowledge tho.

Remember this:
The better the content of a post, the more people it will attract. And by better I don't mean bigger, but explained in a scientific, right and "catchy" way.

So, you can post some code to earn money, but it might take a while to get the attention of the community. There is already a lot of programming there. This also means that the first posts might don't even earn cents.

I don't know if there is a better way right now.
Just do what you think is worth showing off, and the community will judge it!
Welcome to Steemit!
Steem on!

Concerning more sophisticated ways, I should note the existence of .

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