Why Scala is always better than Node.js

in programming •  last year

This is too funny 🤓😂

Source: "Scala Node" on Vimeo

Btw, Tyrone sells his services here: https://secure.jotformeu.com/dignity14/TyroneVideos maybe we could pool some money together and have a Steem one done?

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If Scala is so amazing, then they should make it run in a browser... oh wait :D

we need this guy here.

I genuinely just lost it, this man is an absolute genius! X)

Nice sharing.
I like programee

Damn node.js
No wonder poverty levels are so high
At least Scalia is bringing it down.
I love how optimistic he is through it haha

This guy is really something haha !!
Thanks for the sharing, I have a question please you have upvoted my last post about investment then down voted it was the content that bad or it was just a simple mistake by any chance ?! Any way Thanks in advance for your opinion :)

why did you flag my post @almost-digital. you do not flag a post without a reason. Please i demand an explanation for the flagging.


as I said in the chat I'll flag any post made in the #dev channel that's not related to development


I was not aware......