How soon will you start to receive your profit?

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The most thrilling question of absolutely all investors at the conclusion of the transaction step - is when will they begin to receive their #profit. After all, we don’t invest in order to diversify leisure - the meaning is in earning #income as soon as possible✅

With you will receive the first payment on the 36th day from the moment of funds receipt to the account. We need only one month to start providing you with your dividends. Eventually, payments will occur every month for the previous one. For comparison, when you deposit at the bank, at least half a year must pass, before you will receive even the slightest income✅

It should be taken into account that our company will launch the domain register and hosting based on the #blockchain technology soon. Later on, an exchange service will be available, where every #BIT token will be supported by real assets, namely sites that will continue generating advertising #revenue

All your data, account movements and profitability calculations will be displayed in your personal account, where you can track #profits, payments and the future course of capital movements✅


The project continues to grow every day, and shows good prospects. Success is a matter of time. I believe this project will be a successful soon.

good project

Finally a platform that bring profit with real activities, congratulations to all team for this amazing project!

Very interesting and promising project that I believe has a lot of merit to its work. Looking forward to following the project

Nice project, really intuitive

I find it very good projects, especially because I'm tired of google and other sites stealing personal data to deliver them to 3rd eros, that steal Internet speed and especially my PC resources, so the truth that I am very happy keep in that way!!!!!

Success on the road ahead. Will it be possible to also launch an English spoken Telegram Group?

50% per annum in capital is a great investment!

That sounds very interesting. I hope your vision can be put into action. Advertising is a never-ending growth market. I think you will stir up the market and take a firm place in this segment. Over 10 years of experience in web development, SEO promotion and traffic monetization. Interest project

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