Upload Profile Photo For The First Time

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Hi all you beautiful people,
This might not mean much to some, however this might help most people that haven't figured out how to upload a profile picture as yet.


Iam still fiarly new here, hence why this is a big deal. After several attempts to upload the pix with no success. Did some research couple days ago and discovered this site that uploads your pix to a url then provides options for you to paste it on various platforms. http://postimage.io then just uploaded the pix and followed the instructions pretty straight forward.

This post is merely to help those that had difficulties, like myself with the whole process.


Well done!

It may be better to zoom in a little as the profile pic is very small.

Free services such as Pixlr.com can help doing that via cropping the area you want to be seen in a pic.

ch @globocop

Thanks @globocop solid advice, will check it out asap.