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I have decided to create a profile page here. I've seen a lot of people do it. I think it's a good idea. Let's keep the good trends going.

About Me

You can read some about me at my introduction post. I've seen people do a re-introduction post. I might do that. You can also read about my personal testimony.


I think one of the best ways to learn about someone is through their priorities. Here are mine:

  1. Jesus I am a Christian, so Jesus is first in my life. Every decision I make is impacted by my faith. Please don't judge me for this.
  2. Family I have a family. I think that's all people need to know. I'm very protective of them, so you shouldn't be surprised if I don't say much about them.
  3. Software and Technology I think the advancement of our race (the human one) and our culture (again human) in the universe is tightly coupled to software and technology. I think the advancement of it is essential for our survival and progress as a species. That's right, for me, technology is a matter of survival.

That's all I have so far. It's difficult to prioritize other things because there's just so much. I can't quantify it, let alone prioritize it.


See my r351574nc3 for Witness Announcement


Let's call them interests.



Games I am Currently Playing



I am a huge fan of traveling. I have a great fondness for witnessing God's creation. Getting to do so lets me take photographs of scenery and events which is another interest of mine. I think in this section I will probably post some trip reports about places I visit.


I am a huge fan of sports, but not the kind that most people are. My children participate in sports and I am an amateur coach.


I do some streaming. It's amateur. I have some experience doing it and I likely will blog about my experience streaming in order to help people more serious about getting into it. I stream video games, IRL, and sports.




Some links about my professional life:

Projects I am Working On

Please Vote Your Favorite Witness...Me!

Vote for r351574nc3


This is an impressive list of projects you are working on. Thanks for working on the Steem platform.

Will now hop over to read your witness announcement :)

With your copious amount of free time, you should check out this.

It's my favorite because it's a real trip to submit steemit posts via git push. Also, despite it's name, it's not actually a bot! LOL

What you have seen is that everyone is officially and collectively creating profiles on @reviewme - please make an official page there as well. This way people will be able to leave valuable feedback about you, your witness and also give you CredibilityStars rating based on their experience interacting with you.

Please follow the guide here: How to create your very own #ReviewMe page! Start earning credibility stars - get reviewed by steemians! Since you are a new witness, we would love to get to know you better and having a certified @reviewme profile helps establish your credibility. Hope to see you there soon and leave a review for you!

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