Engineer or practical engineer? What to learn? What are the parameters for a decision?.

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This is a question that occupies many people!
People who are going to study are debating whether to go all the way and learn engineering or that it's better to be a practical engineer and get a regular salary and learn Diploma of a Practical engineer .

I will say some stuff about this two things in general:
An engineer is a person in charge of supervision and development.
Practical engineer, he is the person who builds/ assembles/ works in practice.
Basically, an engineer is usually responsible for some practical engineers in his field of work.
The engineer has more responsibility than the practical engineer and of course he earns more than the
practical engineer.
In terms of studies:
Practical Engineer 2 years.
4 years for the engineer (usually 5-6 years)


So, first of all, we will bring forward what each one gives.

When you learn to be an engineer, you learn how to develop in a field. For example, if you study software engineering, you will first learn a lot of mathematics in order to understand the complex world of computer science. If you understand the root, you can develop things in software engineering

a practical engineer of software learns just the technique that will give him the essential tools to write a code or scripts

Practical engineer is an operation

We come to a situation where we think - we must probably study an engineer - more money more

demand, more profession is considered

So I thought that way at the age of 20 and that makes a lot of sense
But also very individual

There are people who are great at doing jobs!
Those who study engineering are not necessarily good in performing operations.

When you meditate between the two - think a second with yourself about what you are good at!
Are you good at operating or solving puzzles and develop ideas? once my friend who is engineer in a very considered start up in Israel told me that being an engineer is like being in a test of math all day, you always have to think

If you're good at both! Of course the answer is an engineer!

If you are a person who gives him an action and knows how to do it in a great way! (Even with its own twist) -not like a robot

You may very well find your livelihood much more as a practical engineer!


It is possible to give a parable:

There is a prime minister who is the engineer, but under him he needs a lot of operations, and the better they are, the better he will be (the prime minister)
It is not shameful to be one who gives of himself and is only "another one in the system" if you are good at it!

Everyone has their own role!
And the fast as the person who hesitates will know what he is good at, and what is the role of him

This way he will learn the profession that suits him more quickly

Hope to hear your opinion!

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זו בעיה ידועה בישראל - יש איזו שאיפה מאוד סוחפת לתואר אקדמאי מתקדם, ואנשים מוכנים לעשות הרבה מאוד בשביל זה, כולל ללמוד מקצועות שהם לא מתחברים אליהם רק כדי להגשים את השאיפה הזו - שהרבה פעמים זו השאיפה של ההורים שלהם והם בכלל לא רוצים את המקצוע הזה לכשעצמו.
אנשים לומדים כמו חמורים רק בשביל להתקבל, ואז אם הם איכשהו מצליחים לצלוח את התואר, הם עלולים למצוא את עצמם תקועים לכל החיים במקצוע שמתיש אותם
גופנית ונפשית במקום ללכת על מה שמתאים להם ושהם יהנו ממנו - כסף ועיקרה זה חשוב אבל ההנאה והרגשתי השייכות למקצוע זה קריטי לעניין שהוא חלק כל כך משמעותי מהחיים.

אדם צריך בסוף לבחור מקצוע שהוא אישית מתחבר אליו ומתעניין בו, ושאפשר להתפרנס ממנו בצורה סבירה-מכובדת (יש גבול לאידיאלים, צריך גם לחיות ממשהו 😁).

אם תהיה רופא כמו שאתה כותב חחח
אנחנו על הגל..
אני רק אחדד , אם יש לך אדם שעובד רק מאידיאלים בדרך כלל אנשים ימצאו בו ערך ענק וישלמו לו על עצם היותו אדם שעובד מאידיאלים.
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אני רק אחדד , אם יש לך אדם שעובד רק מאידיאלים בדרך כלל אנשים ימצאו בו ערך ענק וישלמו לו על עצם היותו אדם שעובד מאידיאלים.

וואי נעם הלוואי שאתה צודק בזה - אני עדיין לא בשוק אז קשה לי לחוות דיעה ברורה, אבל נניח מישהו שמת על פילוסופיה, גם אם הוא אידיאליסט לגמרי ורואים עליו שזו הנשמה והמהות שלו - עדיין יהיה לו קשה לעמצוא תעסוקה מתגמלת בתחום :( אני מעריך שצריך בכל זאת איזו פרקטיות בנושא.

אגב - יש לי פוסט חדש קטן על עיצוב לתחרות שעשיתי, אם בא לך להציץ :)

כן , צריכים להיות פרקטיים חחסטים חתימת פוסט.png

@amiramnoam I recently got my Engineering Diploma. My country's terrible economic situation is a huge obstacle. No jobs for scientists. Even if you do get hired, you're paid the minimum wage of a worker.

Education isn't about making money anymore, at least where I live. Moneywise, it's not worth it. I regret having wasted years of my youth in order to get a higher education, only to be treated with disrespect and left with no choices but to migrate. I will either have to waste my skills or move away from my family in order to get a proper job abroad.

That's the freaking thanks I get for trying to be a useful member of society.

@amiramnoam I live in Greece, a small country in Southern Europe.

You are absolutely right. And I'm reading computer engineering. Yes 4 years but like you said 5-6 years konusunda Mathematics in the linear, numerical, discrete mathematics we saw a lot. And actually it was a sharing of my life and my goals. Thank you.

thanks for share post.@amiramnoam

Can we put it like this ? :)

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hehe that's funny
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Mathematicians can be any kind of engineer

Nice Experimental. upvote & resteem

Engineer can learnt to be practical engineer through few years of working experience, but practical engineer can't have all the knowledge of engineer

Engineering programs are not too theoretical. Other programs exist, at technical colleges and boot camps, for people who want only practical knowledge with no understanding of theoretical fundamentals.

The people who hire you straight out of college also realize that you don’t know anything. That you’ve realized it puts you ahead of the game: many young engineers don’t realize for years that college just made them “expert beginners.”

ביום ראשון אני מתחיל מכינה בסמי שמעון! הולך ללמוד הנדסת תכנה.. אחלה פוסט אחי

As an Engineer, I approve this post!

Yes you are right. I agree with you. Everyone has a role in life. God created us for this. We're trying to find our way in life. I'm an engineering student. Sharing really guided me. I hope I can continue this way. This will enable me to realize my dreams. My field is electrical and electronics engineering. I have to do more research and more work to be a successful engineer. Experience in my department is very important. Job applicants are also asking for experience. Your folks shed light on me. I hope you will gain experience and find a good job. Thank you for enlightening me. @amiramnoam

Hopefully you will see comment. I did not make it early. Because of the bandwidth problem.

engineering already requires practical thinking. it is necessary to find solutions quickly in the face of problems. an engineer should be able to do this. Thanks for sharing. @amiramnoam

Is there difference between engineer and practical engineer? If yes, in your words what will you say is the difference between the two.

To be an effective engineer

You don’t need to master each of these qualities and skills.The successful engineer is well-rounded, with knowledge of the key skills and an ability to apply them when needed. It will take effort on your part, but the fun is in the learning and the reward is accomplishing your tasks and seeing the impact your work will have on society.

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Great explanation of the different engineering possibilities. Both are needed and have a role to play. It's a matter of doing what gives you peace and belonging. Money is surely not everything!

I learned a lot from your post.
Also, thank you for the posting of a lot of knowledge about you

i am mechanical engineer sir..
thats like a great post..
i like it...thanks for sharing..

Nice post beautiful presented and explained. detail oriented with nice information. thank you for sharing

Engineer makes you theoretically genius and well educated as per book knowledge. But practical engineer makes you perfect in every area where a particular engineer works. You can do job in every filed. @amiramnoam i think you should mainly focus on practical knowledge. ☺

Everyone can learn how to code...
But only a real engineer knows how to use those codes in a inventive and creative way to solve problems.

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relay so good

Be engineer isnt being easy, some of my relatives to be engineer in different fields and It has not been easy for them, they have had to study approximately 6 years and then work very hard. I really admire them. Great profession. Think wisely

Good comparison. I am an engineer and also practical engineer. If you are not a practical engineer, engineering is entirely a responsibility. And Engineer couldn't explain anything to his/her manager.
Combined is the best way for business life.

Career Counseling is the most fundamental aspect to opt any field in life. At university level this culture is propagating at the moment but the need of hour to start it from the very beginning of any one's student life.

After completing my Metric i chose F.Sc( Pre-Engineering) subjects back in 2010 but after spending two years of my life i changed my field and went to study Sociology further, Yes i did not chose Engineering due to lack of interest in this field.

Thanks a lot for guiding the people to adapt the Engineering field if they have the God gifted ability.

Stay Blessed, Steem On!

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It's very fufilling to be praticing pratical engineering, here in my country people do not have the benefit of praticing engineering instead they are only provided with theoritical engineering however it is, it depends on what is fufilling

Tienes toda la razón entre esta diferencias y las he presenciado en el transcurso del día a día, pero cuando ambas se combinan en una misma persona te hace ser mejor ingeniero, pero para ello debemos tener un trabajo que se ajuste a esa realidad.

Thank you for the information🙋‍♀️

Good point of view. I believe that practice and theory complement each other and it is necessary to master both equally. For example, in my case, I am an Industrial Maintenance Engineer and as such I must know equipment from its design to operation to be able to estimate different variables and extend its useful life. Finally, if you do something that you are passionate about, you will always be the best where you are located applying your knowledge ..

I really liked your post,it's encouraging; I'm a final year Engineering student. I'm still getting more into the technical area but here's me doing some grinding at a workshop

No one really reduces the role of one
An engineer can really do everything from planning to building repairs ... things in a home that wants reform
Things really important ...

my goal is to be a good engineer... thanks for sharing this type nice post... your photography impressed me....i waiting for your next post....

Thank god I never thought of doing Engineering....hahaha
But on a serious note, I feel when you do Engineering compared to Practical Eng. you also get groomed up for a management role so it depends what your focus is on.

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Great!!! You are awesome @Amiramnoam

thanks your post!

Great food for thought. I know others that have struggled with this decision.

Studying engineering to me is a dream come true but just as you said sir the fact "to go all the way and learn engineering or that it's better to be a practical engineer and get a regular salary and learn Diploma of a Practical engineer" is where i had to do a lot of thinking before making a choice.