Features of product protocol that you must know

Product protocol is the platform that is focusing on developing the platform that lets the entrepreneurs in tokenizing the assets as well as raising funds for the scaling. This is an open source platform for crowd lending or crowdfunding campaigns that are based upon issuing virtual assets, management of funds, financial operations and integrating with all processes of the business. 

The industries on this platform can scale in a better way. A global token for the assets tokenization permits the individual to create digital assets and the decentralized market will let people all across the globe buy it.

The platform also develops effectively without facing any troubles. A universal token developed on the platform serves in giving the assets token that allows one in making assets easily and faster. A decentralized market will allow people all across the world to get those. No doubt the platform is intelligent tokenization machine.

Currently, these revolutionary ideas have got interest in the cryptocurrency section of internet due to logic and simplicity. Numbers of new businesses determine it for implementing the concept that has got millions of dollars in funding. The entire world will soon be provided tokens.

Tokenization is the method of creating the virtual money tokens that are added to something from the present condition. It actually has a propensity to be like anything from gold and land to maintaining money administration and monetary instruments. No doubt is there that the blockchain can provide a prominent openness in relation to individuals and is anything becomes token, at that point of time all the financial relationships linked with this thing will get end up more dependable. 

Cryptographic and blockchain are the forms of money are new advances that have opened up in the market. With its own digital money form and enthusiasm of standard for the one growing fast lately, this innovation is provided to several new organizations, that increases assets via IC. Mostly the business is recognized with the tokenization.

Features of this platform-

 TCR-The curate token registration is the decentralized curate with an intrinsic economic incentive for the holders of token for list curating. 

 Smart ID- It permits the users in doing the registering of their identity, sending/requesting the credential data, sign transactions and safely managing keys and personal information as well.

 Smart escrow- We know that service network is decentralized and it provides legal compliances that are based upon the regulatory standards.

 Liquidity funding- Provides liquidity to the virtual assets 

 Score service- project researching and analysis systems for the decision relating to the next tokenization

 Decentralized market- It is the place where the user trades the digital assets. 

How are the funds allocated?

 35% is for development and product protocol fund

 30% is for marketing and for the first tokenized products

 15% is for team

 10% is for technical support

 10% is for lawyers, legal and salary purposes

To get more info about product protocol, you can get into its official website and can also refer to the whitepaper available over there.

Website Link : https://pprotocol.io

Whitepaper Link : https://d3ri2ictv4c1x9.cloudfront.net/PP_WP_e.pdf

Twitter Link : https://twitter.com/Pprotocolglobal

Telegram Link : https://t.me/pprotocol

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/pprotocolio

Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw8m7dvocvtQrNGgFjM4qKQ/featured

Medium Link: https://medium.com/@p.protocol

My Bitcointalk Profile Link : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2392699

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