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I have been consistently writing again these days and enjoying my progress. I am even confident to say, it's slowly becoming part of my daily routine. However, with my current schedule, it is slowly getting difficult to sneak in writing time into my day. I found out that there are often unexpected disturbances that I didn't take into consideration when I made my schedule about a month ago.

I simply believed the common myth that students will have more time than average workers or people in general. Until, I experienced that committing an activity outside the school responsibilities is a luxurious experience. For instance, adding 1,5 hours of coding into my day is a lot to chew. This mainly because in the morning, I will be having class that usually involves forming an opinion about literary works, designing a course, or learning the nitty-gritty about language. Not to mention, as I am in my senior year, I need to work on my thesis. So, by late afternoon, when I finally get time to disconnect myself from literary works, I am already worn out. My focus and energy levels are already too low to even write 10 lines of code and learning a new language, as of now it is Portuguese.

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Why don't I code in the morning then?

Even I wake up as early as 4:40 am or 5:00 am. I mostly use it to keep my mental health in check. My routine consists of 5 minutes meditation, 20 minutes high intensive work out, then grab my phone.I can't avoid it because I need to catch up with friends or try to squeeze in a call with them before they go to sleep.

Then,cook for my meal and do simple house chores to keep my place clean. By 8, I am already out of my place even when I don't have an early class. In average, my class starts at 10 but as I reach campus, I am mostly reviewing my notes, classes assignments and thinking about my essays, or just a quick hi and bye to my colleagues.

So, that's why squeezing 1,5 hour for code in the morning is less possible than doing it in the afternoon.

I normally go home by evening. However, these days I am going earlier because it has been raining all week. So, by the time I reach my place I am already too tired to think and all I want is just a warm fuzzy socks, a good jazzy music,sometimes, a fiction. But that's not the case, I am often trying to maximize the time I have left by reading tomorrow's material, write something (quick notes, ideas, 200 words), twitter (I need to reduce this one), and my other blogging sites. In a great day, sometimes it includes, responding to prospective clients. Then, I will be gone to dreamland at around 11 or 11:30 pm.

So yes, I wish to have more energy and time even just additional 30 minutes.

But but but....

Sometimes I just want to do nothing at all. Sometimes I just want to sleep. Sometimes I am feeling bored even when I have a lot fascinating problems to solve.

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Wow. That sounds pretty productive. So you only sleep about 5 hours a night? Sounds like Einstein.

And are you seriously learning Portuguese? Any plans to visit me in the future? :>)


Well if you notice in the end when I wrote "but" that means I am occassionally having a sleep debt. But usually it depends, my night routine varies and I can sleep as early as 9 or 10 so, I still get a good amount of sleep.

Yes, I do learn Portuguese because that's the only romantic language I have not explored :-D. It wouldn't hurt to visit portugal too, especially Lisboa :D