Don't have time to write blogs on Steemit, here is what you need to do

in productivity •  11 months ago

I know you are not getting time to write blogs on Steemit. I too face same problem, I have a huge to-do list. I have to prioritize tasks which I need to perform in order to get most out of my limited time.

Can you relate to the situation? I know, you do.

In my recent blog post, I share How to become productive through eliminating, automating, delegating, and simplification of your to-do list.

Time Management for bloggers, freelancers and solo entrepreneurs (Solopreneurs).png

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The process is really simple,

1 - Eliminate

First you eliminate tasks which can be eliminated. If you can't eliminate tasks, you go step 2.

2 - Automate

Secondly you automate tasks so you don't need to do-it-yourself. There are plenty of free and paid automation products and services which you can rely on. If you can't automate the task, move on to 3rd step.

3 - Delegate

Delegate your tasks to your employees or hire freelancers from freelancing sites such as Fiverr. If you can't delegate the tasks, move on to step 4.

4 - Simplify

Simplify your tasks so you can either do it with ease or you can procrastinate on purpose to find a way to fit it into above three stages.

I hope you like this easy 4 step focus funnel to focus on most important tasks on your to-do list.

“Never automate something that can be eliminated, and never delegate something that can be automated or streamlined. Otherwise, you waste someone else’s time instead of your own, which now wastes your hard-earned cash. How’s that for incentive to be effective and efficient?”

The New York Times bestselling author Timothy Ferris' Book - The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich

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It would be easier if Steem just became a Proof of Stake coin, distribute rewards according to one's stake and skip this posting junk.


Yeah, I think it's working like that way only. People who can invest in Steem Power have more influence power. Isn't it?


Those who have a lot of Steem Power vote for themselves or in a group amongst themselves, that's why a lot of junk gets high rewards.
The system concept is flawed. There are billions of people in the world, imagine having to follow a billion people that post 99.99% junk, there is just not enough time to do it.
That's why I say distribute rewards according to one' steem power, and if you want to reward a post you take it out of your own wallet.

I'm somebody who could really use these formulas. Thank you so much for such wisdom!


Glad to know it's helpful for you.

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