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Marketing is the biggest form of sales for both small and large companies.The world has evolved from the days of door to door advertising to digital/media advertising.In Fact most companies do not do media advertising anymore because since internet has given us social media,it has become the fasted and purest means of advertising for them.Billboards in strategic places has taken over television advert.Virtually everything has changed in marketing.
People now spend more time surfing the internet than listening or watching radio/television.We have moved from the traditional way of doing things to technological and digital way.

This is why we need to take a look at the two forms of companies and there way of marketing:

  • Business to Business: In simplest form this is when you take your business and in this context your marketing to a marketing firm or advertising agencies in other to generate more sales.This involves a lot of money compared to the B2C module.

  • Business to Customer: This is when you sell your business to the last food chain which is the consumers.

Some of the problems realised after much findings seems to stem from the B2C way of marketing.Most B2C oriented company tend to believe and depend on organic growth.They do not believe in investing fast and large,they tend to grow and invest gradually.Which is most times always on one project after another.This ways and manner most times tend to cause problems down the road for them.

Unlike B2C,B2B tend to focus more on things that is wrong with the former by making sure to provide a solution to it.The first by making sure they have all tools and technique from a single viewpoint.They are also not afraid to pull out heavy guns to make sure there marketing is a success.


Under marketing, we have some terms and technology that surrounds it and they are called:

  • AFFILIATE MARKETING: This can be said to mean the process whereby a company is paying an external body to help generate some sales or potential customers.

  • LEAD VALIDATION: This is the next step after marketing begins,here you will be able to separate sales or potentials from non sales.This is the most important technique in marketing because it allows one to detect the glitch in what may be termed as a good campaign or advert.

  • LANDING PAGE:This is really important especially to a business like ecommerce or a blogging site.The landing page is always the first point of contact for prospective customers and this page will determine who will buy and who will go.Making sure your landing page attracts not just lookers but buyers and returning customers are important.

  • MACHINE LEARNING: In place of stressing out human brain, machine learning helps to connect data to people.When data are collected,this process helps to identify what and who this carefully selected data belongs to.In other words, it helps to separate the wheat from the chaff.

The application of machine-learning algorithms to large volumes of data instantly revealed unique patterns and insights into consumer behaviour that would never have been identified by a human-built model.

All this are what guides a company in marketing into generating a lot of leads that will turn to profit/consumers/sales.Which is why Databowl was founded by Simon Delaney to help tackle this marketing issue and providing a long lasting solution.They put together the four arms of marketing and offered it in one solution to companies like Scottishpower,Hellofresh,Jaak systems,Data Rocks amongst many others.

Below is the benefits of using Databowl

Random companyDatabowl
You tend to spend more when you use different software in your comeUsing databowl software guarantees you of cutting cost
The more software you use or have, the more time you need to learn about itAll you need do is familiarise yourself with the software and you are good to go
You will be needing extra staff in your technical department to manage all your softwareA limited number of persons is all that is required for your software/technical department
Security: Having multiple access point due to abundance of software makes your system vulnerable to attacks and technical issues which can take a whole to detect or solveGreat security and leaves room for early detection of problems if the need arises
Having just one or 2 software will delay your marketing progressHaving this total package guarantees a suitable and successful result
Too much complex software integrationsimple software integration
It takes a lot of time to run separate softwareDatabowl software is time effective
Separate/multiple gadget and softwareAll in one all day long


Databowl leaves you with more room to focus on other issues in your business pr company.It makes life easier and simpler.

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