How to stop procrastinating and increase productivity.

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As a part of New Year resolutions may people may consider their New Year resolution as to stop procrastinating, which leads to improvement in productivity. However, stopping this activity needs certain things which can help you to increase your productive ability. Few things that I know to stop procrastinating and improve productivity are mentioned below.

Don’t take stress

Yes, if you put more pressure on your head, you have more chances of losing the project than gaining it. Working all the day leads to inevitable disturbances that procrastinate you. As per my knowledge, if I work continuously for about 6 to 7 hours, I end up in watching unnecessary videos or playing games in the following hours. During this time I will be attracted to small meaningless games or videos, which are not even my favourites.

This leads to more negative thinking and often end up in incomplete projects. The better way to complete a project on time is to break the big project into small parts in a way that you get good breaks in between, which allows your brain to relax. Scheduling small portions of the project before you start your work is quite important. This way your productivity goes up for sure.

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Why Power is better

To do amazing things will power is not at all sufficient, according to many experts. They say will power will not help you in long run as it can lead to an exhaustion state. Instead, shift to why power and analyse why you really need this to be done. Is this project gives you a better career or this grades give you a good job, and if this is not done in time what are the consequences I need to face and what are the opportunities I may miss. Analysing completely and doing work accordingly will certainly increase your productivity.

Just start your work

Yes, about 20% of projects around the world are getting low grades due to the lack of knowledge that how important it is to start the work at right time. If you do not start the work right after the moment you were given and think you have more time to finish the work, you may have a wrong assumption. There is an evidence that says two groups of children were given a project at same time; however, one group was asked to give weekly deadlines and another group was given an opportunity to submit their work on deadline day. The former group end up in better results than the second group as the second group wasted much time because of the huge gap between the project given day and the deadline. The first group did well because they had to give weekly reports. Therefore, start the project and do it in a smart way.

Having more why power with organising and scheduling the project in a smart way will eventually increase your productivity.


Totally agree. Its about prioritizing the work and setting tangible goals to work towards. Once you have good habits it becomes easier and easier to get more done.

you mentioned some great points that will help everyone not only in terms of success but also in terms their psychological state and leads them to the best choice if they were given many choices.

Thank you for supporting.

I will certainly consider what you have told me

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I enjoy the idea of keeping failure cheap.

So, this means I'm always working with a minimally viable solution. A skeleton becomes slowly fleshed out. A project starts with the biggest assumptions and being cleared to reduce the "cost" if the project fails.

It tends to work really well for iterative projects.

Nice post

Thank you very much! Becoming more productive and changing the way I start my projects is actually a really big goal to me this year! 😊

Did you hear of the pareto priciple? My selfemployment coach told me about it and I found it quite interesting that in many cases 80% of the success comes from 20% of the effort! :)

Best wishes!

Believe it or not, watching motivational videos on youtube helps too!

This is true. This is a good article and I learn the same thing in my psychology courses! :)

Olivia D.

Always keep at it, persistence is key for anything in life, and the same can be said for Steemit!

Perfect advice

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I think your last point is so important. I found getting started to be hard. Once you get going it's like a part of what you do.

It's like understanding and doing homework is always better then just running around the bush

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Great post. @dcrypto becoming more productive and not just busy is the goal.

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Yes organization is very important thing! Sometime is very dificult to reach the good organization and balance in work. Thank you for article!

A good trick I like a lot is to make a to do list and to try to group your tasks. Then categorize them and start with the work that will help facilitate the sub tasks which often times already solve themselves by following this method (or it will take less actual and percieved effort to finish them)