Do We Really have to be Crypto specific to get More Upvotes ?

in problems •  8 months ago

First of all, no offense to crypto writers. Infact I love reading about the hush and rush in the crypto world. As we are directly related to it..

But the real problem is that we all know steemit consists of people of every taste and field. A flower of every kind and smell which makes this garden stand in everyone as a beautiful and unique one..

From the time I have joined Steemit, I have observed that only steemit and crypto related posts are on the top..

That itself is a phenomenon of centralization, so how can other flowers with their unique smell and colour still shine in this garden..

I have seen many people whom posts are commendable and worthy of much more than those in trending section.. People like @sauravrungta deserves to be in trending too... His every article is worth reading and and also contributing to the community. Because knowledge is the best donation...

Centralization like this forces creative people to leave writing what they love and start posting about the trending topics..

And this is definitely not how a community thrives. Every smell and colour of every flower blooming here should be considered equal...

Also the whales tend to upvote the steemit specific posts more than others. Where every good content deserves good appreciation..

That was all I had To say, I know not many people will read it but still have a hope of being wrong...

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Good brother post my like it comt give go you for ever happy brother ......

Thanks so much for the mention here. I appreciate your words. Really. Means a great deal to me :)


You have earned that....

Because knowledge is the best contribution. This sentence I underline. I strongly agree and agree with @talalofficial. Thanks for the knowledge.


there is one thing in common, that is everyone is going to the moon

Very true post. I've gotten to the point I don't know a good person to follow on crypto. EVERYONE's an expert on nothing. Any regular person can read some of the posts and see that some of them have no clue as to what they are talking about and if you ask a question, GASP you've committed a crime. How can you be on Steemit and not know much about crypto??

It was one of the reasons I joined was to learn more. I agree I have noticed if you post anything in regards to crypto or Steemit you get more votes than if you post on how to get through depression, better yourself, live happier. Be funny.

Personally I stay away from the trending page, because, the stuff I want to see and the people I want help are so far at the bottom you can't find them. Especially since I'm one of them. My posts are great, but they're not half bad either. Some joke post a picture of a bitcoin symbol saying bitcoin is going up(whether it is or isn't) and they get 60+ votes and make over $200.00 on the post while good content is getting passed over. I guess I expect too much.


Thanks for such an amazing reply, I totally agree with you on this regard..!

I am totally with you on this one. You are advised here on steemit to find a niche but the majority of those niches are overlooked in favour of upvoting and commenting on crypto posts which are making more money. It takes many flowers to make a garden and all of these flowers need nurtured. Peace and Love. I shall resteem.


You are very right. Thanks for batting an eye on this post BTW..

I think that since Steemit is based and runs on crypto that the majority of people know and write about crypto... hence most of the rewards go to what interests them. What my hope over the next year is that people from all different kinds of interests come on to Steemit with their hobbies or views. Also, I think that the communities feature will help with this too! :)


There are already many many interests here on steemit.....just look at the tag list :)

I agree 100 percent. The other problem in this is that new users are uninterested in most of the easily accessible posts in the hot and trending section. My wife just joined Steemit- she doesn’t wanna read about crypto currency. Sure, she can look under other categories and hashtags..but you have to dig a little more for it. I would definitely like to see a little more diversity- and I’d like to see some new people in the trending sections...

And not just new people who were popular on YouTube and had instant success here on Steemit by just posting their content.


People are diverse, and human related social platform should also be diverse enough..! thanks for commenting

You're right, and as someone who has been here for less than a month, I can tell you, that it is extremely frustrating. I see great posts all the time, but my little $0.02 upvote don't do a lot to get them up, and then I see completely garbage posts that are trending because the poster is a whale, and it was upvoted by himself and an army of update bots.

Sad. If the community stays like that, it won't flourish and eventually, the price of steem will drop.

Totally agree with you. You already told the words what I really want to talk.Same feeling.

Yes. .. you are right. Thats whst i have notice

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